Wednesday, 13 January 2016

We Need To Talk About Chelsea

I do love a somewhat dramatic post title, it has to be said. I had somehow entered a writer's block situation, which totally took me by surprise. I had oodles of free time, loads of books I wanted to talk about and somehow I just couldn't bring it to myself to write about anything. Although my last post was only last week, I had actually scheduled it before 2016 had even started. So, what gives?

I guess I fell out of love with blogging for a bit, which is natural, and I've read plenty of other blog posts on a similar feeling so I know I'm not alone. I just don't know how to get that spark back? As a lifestyle blogger, there kind of needs to be something going on in my life for me to write about it, but at the moment everything is pretty boring - the January lull. I didn't go on any sales hauls, I didn't manage to read as much as I'd hoped and it's left me with nothing to really talk about here. So now, I'm asking for your advice - what has helped you when you get writer's block? Should I just wait for the spark to return, or does it come back with perseverance? What sort of things do you think I should write about while life is just ticking over? 

Tell me your ways, oh wise one! 

Chelsea xo

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