Sunday, 31 January 2016

TMTW #7 January, spanuary

Not the best quality pictures, but January isn't the best quality month so...
Best bit? Surprising Joe with a trip to Glasgow to see his favourite comedian, and celebrate his birthday. 

My favourite thing? Seeing "She's turned the weans against 'us!" live, too funny. Staying in a glorious airbnb flat in Glasgow, and finding out I have the exact same music taste as a Glaswegian gay couple. 

Any regrets? Not reading enough books! I thought I'd get through quite a few this month, but it wasn't to be. I ended up taking nearly three weeks to read one book which is terrible going! I'm hoping I can read some more in February as I've got at least one commute planned and that's great time for reading.

What's in store for next month? A few interviews and meetings line up for the beginning of February which will hopefully all be good news and that's pretty much it! There's Valentine's in the middle but I can't imagine we'll do anything super exciting as it's on a Sunday and we're both at work! 

January was a bit of a tough month, if I'm honest. It's just so boring. If it wasn't pouring down or blowing a gale, then it was doing both. I feel like I've spent the month complaining about being freezing or soaked to the skin, so that was fun. The end of the month did pick up though, as we went on a mini trip to Glasgow! 

Chelsea xo

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