Wednesday, 18 November 2015

M is for...


I really don't talk about Monty enough on this here blog. My little fluff ball has been in my life for around five years now, and I can't remember life without him! Having grown up with pets, I always knew I wanted a dog, but I would have never imagined myself with a miniature Dachshund, let alone a long haired beauty like Monty! We always had massive dogs, and even had a Great Dane called Arnie at one point, so I really never pictured myself with anything below knee height. 

You might not know that Monty is a rescue dog. He's a pedigree, but sadly fell victim to doggy cancer in his boy bits, and after he had his bits removed his owners - who had clearly wanted him to breed - deemed him worthless and wanted rid of him. He was such a scaredy cat when I adopted him, and would cower away and hide if you did so much as clap your hands, and any other loud noises made him hide under anything he could find. These days, he's such a boisterous chap - always barking at the post man - it makes me both happy and sad to think about how much he's changed! 

Monty's getting on a bit now, he turned nine this year, but he's still got loads of life left in him - especially at meal times! Over the past year or two, he's started bossing us about and even attempts to climb the stairs if we don't come down early enough to give him breakfast - cheeky lad!

Do you have any pets? Show me, show me!

Chelsea xo

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