Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Living Room Wish List

When you rent a house, there never seems to be anything you can do to really make it feel homely. In our place, we're not allowed to paint, hang things up or anything remotely exciting, which means it can be hard to personalise our space. Sure, Dylan's junk tends to fill it up and you can definitely tell he lives here, but I don't think people visit me and think "yes, this is Chelsea's house". Although I endeavour to not rely on 'stuff' to make my mark, sometimes it can be just the thing to some personality to an otherwise boring room! 

Although I call this little space a 'book and lifestyle' blog, I tend to spend most of my evenings watching TV. I know that this is basically a life sin, but now that the weather has turned, going outside seems like the least attractive thing to do! So instead, I stay in, all warm and toasty, and catch up with a Netflix marathon or two. That's why I think we should get a new TV to watch in style. Joe's a big fan of Which? magazine and after they ran an article on 4K sets, he's been obsessed with them. I'm always half surprised when I come home and he hasn't replaced our current TV already! The Panasonic Viera range looks really sleek, and they scored well in Which? so I imagine we'd go for one of those! Next, it's two boxsets to watch. Annoyingly, Netflix stops at season 3 for Suits, so I'm hoping to get my hands on 4 and 5 to keep my fix alive. Another annoyingly, is that we're SO BEHIND on Mad Men, due to not having Sky. Stupid Sky exclusive shows. 

Back to the book side of the blog, and I just love this grey bookcase from IKEA. I desperately need a new bookcase, as the one we have is already stuffed with books - and other bits and bobs - and my book collection shows no sign of shrinking. I'm pretty sure I have some sort of book buying addiction! I'd put my nicest books on this bookcase, like my Letters Of Note books and a few special editions we have. I'd also put this lovely vase on there - as I imagine there would be a little bit of room on the shelf. 

Lastly, there's nothing cute and cosy like new cushions! I love the look of these three together, we already have some cushions with a similar shade pattern, so with any luck these will match rather than clash! Although, clashing is in now, so I could try and make that work. The dark grey cushion helps to tone down the orange and yellow, just a little bit, and would be an easier colour to buy matching accessorise in. Always thinking, me! 

What do you think of my living room update? Have I missed anything off? 

Chelsea xo

*collaboration with Share It Quick, but all words and living room planning my own* 

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