Monday, 30 November 2015

Dylan's Christmas Wishlist

Now, Dylan is only four so thankfully he hasn't started circling every toy in the Argos catalogue yet but I thought it would be nice to show things that I've either bought him already or will be asking other family members Santa to get for him. As you might already know, Dylan is completely obsessed with superheroes - his favourite being Batman - so it's safe to say they feature heavily in this post! 

So, let's start with the Marvel toys. This is one of the things that I've already picked up for Dylan as it seems quite cool. I bought this Super Hero Mashers set with Captain America as it also comes with various bits of other Marvel superheroes such as Hulk, Thor and Iron man. You can also buy individual Super Hero Mashers, so I grabbed a Spiderman and Wolverine to add to the mix up. I didn't see this Super Hero Adventures with Tony Stark set in my local store, but I'm definitely going to order this for Dylan! Luckily, I have a few things I need to send back, so hopefully I can put that money towards this one! 

I'm not entirely sure if Dylan is a big Clangers fan, but I know they've brought them back on cbeebies, and I've been known to pop it on if I ever need ten minutes to concentrate on something, ha! I think they're cute though, and Dylan loves playing with little figures so I'm sure these will be a hit. Something I'll be reluctantly getting him is this little Pepper Pig set. Out of nowhere, Dylan has become possessed by that snotty little pig and he's always trying to switch Netflix on to watch it. In a bit to curb the remote-hogging (geddit?) I'll get him the little figures instead. 

Two more already-bought things now. I actually bought this 8 Family Favourites DVDs bundle from HMV but their website is weird so I've had to use an Amazon link. I actually couldn't believe how good value this is, as I'm pretty sure Dylan has never seen any of these movies - what, we're a Disney household! - so I think this will go down well. Lastly, it's Nintendogs as Dylan just loves puppies. I'll let you in on a little secret - sometimes if Dylan won't go to bed, we look at pictures of puppies on my phone. Suuuure the blue light from my phone is probably counter-productive, but it's SO CUTE when he asks and I just love looking at puppies, okay?! 

So there we have it! Dylan's pretty much sorted for this year! 

Chelsea xo

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