Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Book Wish List 2015

As long as I blog, I will post a Christmas book wish list on here, so I thought I'd be to the point with my title. Now, it could be argued that I don't actually need any more books because I have too many unread books on my shelves, I'm running out of space to put them and because I could just hop down to my local library - but where's the fun in that, I ask? Another reason to post about a book wish list is that I will always want more books. Be it Christmas, birthdays or a 'just because' kind of present, books are the way to go. I'm managed to narrow it down to seven great books I need in my life, so let's have a look!

Isn't that a great bunch of covers? I can't even decide on a favourite! First off, I've got Louise O'Neill's Asking For It that I had to put on my list after reading the incredible Only Ever Yours. O'Neill's writing definitely strikes a chord with me, and I think everyone should be reading her novels. Next, it's The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey. I'd heard about this and been intrigued by the storyline, but it wasn't until I saw one of those 'people who bought this also bought this...' things that made me think it might actually be something I would enjoy. It's been described as tense and unputdownable and I've definitely been enjoying books like that recently!

I think you would call The First Bad Man by Miranda July a feminist romance (if that is even a genre?) but this has been near the top of every 'best of..' list for this year. For that alone, I need it in my life. July's writing has been called unpredictable and exciting, which is always great if you ask me! Then we have Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. I pretty much love everything Kaling has put her name to, from The Office to The Mindy Show to voicing a basic white girl in Wreck It Ralph, but I've never read her books! I'm not entirely sure if this is following on from her first book, but if so - I wouldn't mind that one too...

I actually first became aware of Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf on twitter, when the lovely Sarah recommended it to Bee. They're both excellent booky sorts, so I quit my stalking and added it to my wish list. Of course, I then went back to stalking them on social media, but we're not here to talk about that. Our Souls at Night sounds positively dreamy, and I think will be similar to Etta & Otto & Russell & James by Emma Hooper. 

The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer is something I noticed right back at the start of the year, in some sort of 'ones to watch' list that brought me Hausfrau. I ruddy loved Hausfrau, and I'm hoping that The Girl in the Red Coat will be just as gripping. It's also been said in reviews that this book has a great ending - something I've been longing for! Lastly, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is on my list. I think this is meant to be one of Rowell's 'adult' books, although as a fan of her YA novels I'm sure I'll enjoy this. The storyline sounds really sweet, and I'm sure to get swept in by the first page! Sadly, I can never seem to find Attachments whenever I go to my local bookshop, but if you're in the mood to treat me, you might have better luck ;) 

So there we have it, one more book wish list for this year! It's now one month until Christmas, which seems totally crazy to me! If you haven't already bought presents for your nearest and dearest, then I hope this helps a little.

Do any of these make your list? What do you think I should add to my ever-growing wish list?

Chelsea xo

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