Monday, 2 November 2015

101 in 1001 #10

Wow, lots of ones and zeros in that title! Sorry if it reads a bit like beginner's binary. I didn't really think I had achieved much since my last update, but I decided to type out my tenth(!) update on my 101 in 1001 list after reading through it with my work pal. I kept coming across things and saying, "oh, I've done that" so thought it was time to get them crossed off the list! 

See some Red Pandas!
I finally did it! After a whole lifetime of thinking Red Pandas are the best animal ever, I actually got to see them at Bristol Zoo. Joe kindly bought us tickets to the zoo for an early birthday present and I was ridiculously excited. We went on a Saturday, as Joe managed to have the day off, and we had a jolly good time! 

Do something special on our anniversaries
Three outta three on this one, yay to me and Joe! We went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and it was really good! Another great surprised organised by me, so Joe'll have to get his thinking cap on for our next anniversary.

Work on lowering my student overdraft
Okay, this one is deeeeefinitely still a work in progress but I've started sending myself a (small) lump sum every month into my account and I'm just not touching it. Once I've managed to save/not touch it for so long, I'll lower the overdraft. I'm trying to be sensible and lower it slowly, as knowing my luck if I pay it all off, I'll end up in some sort of money crisis and have nothing to fall back on. 

Bake something more impressive than cupcakes
I've decided to make a stand and cross this one off. I've baked a treacle tart, red velvet brownies, birthday cakes, Turkish delight and countless other things, but felt that they weren't 'impressive' enough. No more, my friends! A treacle tart and the like is bloody impressive, so off it goes!

Buy an American style fridge freezer (living the dream!)
This is the update you've all been waiting for, amiright? Joe bought us a new fridge as I began to slowly despise the other one, and it had certainly overstayed it's welcome. The door handle had snapped off, the freezer drawers were broken, it wobbled about and wouldn't open for 10 minutes if you'd closed it. Our new fridge isn't quite the american dream, but it has a water cooler thing, and that's good enough for me.

Go to a literature festival 
Despite going to university in Bath, I always seemed to miss out on the Literature festivals the city puts on. This year, I decided I wouldn't miss out, and promptly bought tickets to see Patrick Ness as soon as they were available. I bought tickets for Joe's little sisters as well, as they're big fans and we had a great time. I even asked Patrick (we're pals now) a question, and he thought it was an ace question. I presume. This leads nicely to my next item...

Go to a book signing
Yep, we waited and Patrick Ness signed our books! I was quite cheeky and asked him to sign my ticket as well, but he was more than happy to do so. What a great guy!

Organise a fancy dress party
Dylan turned four and as he spends the majority of his waking hours asking to wear a superhero costume, we decided to throw him a fancy dress birthday bash! He was proud as punch to be Batman, and attendees included two Spider-Men, Iron Man, a Transformer (the yellow one, I'm sure this helps!) and a superhero fairy! He had a great day, and Hulk-smashed an appropriate amount. 

That's a pretty good round up, if you ask me! Hopefully in my next update I might have actually lowered my student overdraft, ha!

Do you have a bucket list like this? Crossed off any goals recently?

Chelsea xo

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