Saturday, 31 October 2015

TMTW #4 - Not The Hunt For Red October

Best bit? Can I say my birthday? It was either my birthday or seeing Hot Chip (for my birthday) and having the best time ever. Man, they are SO good live. 

My favourite things: everything mentioned above, having mate dates with my pals from uni, getting Grayson Perry's Books Are My Bag bag to add to my ever-growing collection, making important life decisions even if it was terrifying at the time and finally, Joe tidying the house.

Any regrets? Well, I wanted to visit Cardiff and spend time with my bestie, but maybe next month! I kind of want to say 'not getting a hair cut' is a regret for this month, as my fringe is currently taking over half of my face, but I'm trying to grow it out so... #logic

What's in store for next month? I'm finally going home! I cannot wait to see my family, it's ridiculous! We also have a family wedding come up so I'm pretty excited about that. November looks like it will be a good month, to be honest. The only bad thing with November (if you ask me) is Bonfire night, but that's purely because I hate fireworks and the smell of firewood burning. I know I'm in a minority there, but I just can't stand it! 

I said that September had been a surprising month, but October has been another odd one. I had plenty of nice things to celebrate, such as my birthday and Hot Chip, but also some more bad news which kind of changed everything as I know it. I can't really delve into it right now - gotta love being cryptic - but that's life, right? 

How did October treat you? 

Chelsea xo

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