Thursday, 1 October 2015

TMTW #3 - Oh, What a Night - September

Best bit? Seeing Patrick Ness at Bath Children's Literature Festival and asking him a question! He answered it like a total pro (of course!) and even remembered me when it was my turn to have my book signed. We're basically best pals now.

My favourite things: spending time with Dylan in Bristol, going to BCLF with Joe's sisters, Dylan's fancy dress birthday party, seeing so much of my future sister-in-law now that I work in Bath. We've been spending our lunch breaks together every so often, and it's just lovely. 

Any regrets? Not asking questions earlier at work! I think I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to do well immediately, when no one was really expecting me to learn the ropes within a day. 

What's in store for next month? My birthday! If you feel like treating me, my wishlist is live (I jest!) I'm looking forward to seeing Hot Chip in London the week after, which is going to be amazing. What else? My bestie Zoe is leaving me to go and live in Cardiff, so I'm sure October will be filled with weekends visiting her and possibly the Lush there! 

September has been a really great month, which is somewhat surprising at times. I've missed my dad a lot this month, as we had some more bad family news, but it made me book some time off work and I'm going up to see him in November, which will be great. It also means I might be able to nip along and see some of my favourite northern bloggers too! Joe and I both started our new jobs this month, so we've been settling in and hopefully the months ahead will just be plain sailing now. Gotta love settling into a groove, amiright?

How was September for you?

Chelsea xo

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