Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Day at Bristol Zoo

Ever since I were a wee nipper, I've always been slightly obsessed with going to the zoo. Which is odd, considering I'd only ever been to the zoo once - and I was 17 when that happened. My zoo obsession has actually subsided a bit since then, but my love for Red Pandas has always been strong, so when Joe told me we were going to Bristol Zoo as an early birthday present, I was over the moon! Not only does Bristol Zoo have Red Pandas, but the lady Red Panda had recently had babies! Needless to say, I was pretty much frothing with excitement. 

I know some people hate zoos, but Bristol Zoo is great in that a lot of the money they make goes back towards helping endangered species and protecting the animals from poachers. I know, of course, that a natural habitat is what would be best for all of the animals in a zoo, but sadly we live in a time were having a fancy tortoiseshell necklace or stuffed gorilla is more exhilarating to some people.

We took Dylan with us and he really enjoyed himself, which is always great. He enjoyed seeing the animals and pretending to be a meercat/lion/parrot throughout the course of the day. If you've got kids - or are a big kid yourself - then I would definitely recommend Bristol Zoo!

Have you ever been to Bristol Zoo? What do you think of the Red Pandas?   

Chelsea xo

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