Tuesday, 20 October 2015

25 Before 25

Despite the fact that my birthday was last week, sometimes I seriously forget that I'm only in my early twenties. Having achieved so much in so little time - marriage, motherhood and a degree, don't you know? - I often feel like I should be closer to retirement age than I am. On my next birthday I shall turn 25, which is often thought to be a milestone age, so I thought another 'goals' list would ensure I make the most of the coming year! As I already have a 101 in 1001 Days list going on, I'm going to allow myself five things from that list. Sneaky, right? 

- Volunteer to help my political party of choice
- Move back North
- Complete the Couch to 5K app thing
- Read 10 books from 1991
- Grow tulips
- Dye my hair grey
- Really use my days off work to do fun things (or sleep) 
- Close one of my bank accounts

I didn't know what to call this section, but 'life' is fitting, I guess. I basically want to get my shit together this year and just learn to enjoy life more. I think surrounding myself with things I love (the North, tulips) and doing things I've wanted to do for a long time (grey hair, politics, get fit) then I should be on course for a good time.

- Go abroad (leaving this open to anywhere, in the hope to increase my chances)
- Visit Disneyland Paris
- Visit Glasgow and Edinburgh
- Visit York
- Visit Manchester 
- Go to Whitby and get a lemon top
- Visit Oxford
- See a musical in London
- Go to Beamish again 

Travel doesn't need an explanation, does it? A few places I've listed are places I visited with Joe really early on in our relationship, so I'd love to go again and make more memories.

- Reach 500 followers
- Start book vlogging
- Get blog cards

The usual. 500 followers is highly unlikely - as is vlogging - but a girl can dream!

- Pass my driving test
- Make a patchwork blanket
- See a Smiths tribute band
- See a Shakespeare play
- Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant 

My top five from t'other list. I'm hoping that I'll be more likely to achieve these if they're in two lists, so fingers crossed! I swear, if I don't pass my stupid driving test before my 25th birthday then it's never going to happen, sorry Dad! I'm feeling hopeful that we might eat in a Michelin starred restaurant, seeing as I'm married to a chef and Joe's whole world is fine dining. Maybe I'll put the pressure on to do this for my actual 25th birthday?

What do you think of my selection? Do you have any goal lists?

Chelsea xo

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