Tuesday, 1 September 2015

TMTW #2 - August of wind and a bit of rain

Family cinema trip - our anniversary - new library book - perfect Saturday breakfast
Best bit? Having a whole week off to look forward to. I've waited three whole months for this! 

My favourite things: spending the day in Bath with Joe. Dylan learning some nursery rhymes and impressing all the family. Spending time with Joe's brother, who currently lives in China. 

Any regrets? Not booking a holiday anywhere, I'm in desperate need of one. 

What's in store for next month? Joe's nana is visiting, yay! I'm also throwing a birthday party for Dylan and tasking myself with baking a Spider-Man cake. I made him a simple Batman logo one last year, but this time I'm going to go biiiig. Starting my new job and other exciting life plans.

I'm still having a little play around with how I want these monthly posts to turn out, so please don't get all aggro with me if you hate this style! So August saw my internship end, and now I'm having a whole week off doing nothing. YAY LIFE! I spent a really good amount of time with Joe last month so that's probably the main highlight for me - three years of marriage has certainly rolled by super fast! It feels like August only had around three dry days - the rain is never-ending here in Somerset, so I'm hoping we have a nice September ahead of us! 

How did your August go? Any news?

Chelsea xo

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