Thursday, 3 September 2015

There's More To Life Than Books, You Know

But not much more, not much more. I had to squeeze that lyric in there, I do apologise. Anyone with keen eyes may have noticed that the above books are from the library. Over the summer, I wanted to really make full use of my local library, so although I've been buying new books, I've been trying to only read borrowed ones. Which has been about 60% successful, but that's a success all the same. My final four library books are above - although I am currently reading The Interestings and have been for about three weeks, lord have mercy on me. I'm enjoying it, don't get me wrong, but the thing is massive and therefore I haven't been able to read it on the train as it won't fit into my work bag. 

I digress. Once I finish The Interestings, I'm hoping to read Elizabeth Is Missing as that's the first book due back to the library and I can't renew it anymore. Boo, other library users! Then I'll probably read A Monster Calls ahead of seeing Patrick Ness at Bath Children's Literature Festival and then Reasons To Stay Alive. I instagrammed the cover of RTSA when I picked it up, and it got an almighty response on there, so I'm expecting good things. 

Then! When I've handed these all in, I'm going to read The Versions Of Us that my lovely pal Sophie sent over to me to read. I will get it back to you Sophie, you mark my words! If all of this doesn't take up the rest of 2015, then I should only be one book away from my goodreads goal of 25 books. I might have to have a browse of my collection to see what I should read for my special 25th book! Or, you could recommend one! I might already have it, or if not, I'm sure buying one more book couldn't hurt... 

What have you been reading? Are any of these on your to-read list?

Chelsea xo

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