Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Bristol Cheap Eats Challenge

I love Bristol, to me it's like the capital of the South West. With a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, it is the perfect place to spend a night or two - even better when you can grab a great nights sleep over at Travelodge. Whether you're interested in street art, theatre, museums or fashion - Bristol has it all. However, today I'm going to talk to you about my favourite places to eat in Bristol, and for an added bonus, they're pretty cheap too!

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best places to go to for food in Bristol is St Nicholas' market. Jam packed with food from all corners of the globe, there is definitely something for everyone. From pies to falafel and everything in between, it was the perfect first stop for my day out with Dylan. As it was a super sunny day, we were able to sit out in the sun and bask in the glorious sunshine - something that I feel happens rarely in the South West, ha! Naturally, I went to Pieminster to satisfy my Northern roots in lovely pie goodness.  On a Tuesday, you can get a pie of your choosing (I went with Moo & Blue) with gravy, mash and peas for £6 - which is a pretty good deal, if you ask me! On other days, it's £8.50 which is still cracking if you've got a big pie hole in your heart.

After pie, Dylan wanted to work off the stodge hearty meal, so we walked to another stall in the market and grabbed some cakes to go before wandering over to a sunny spot on the grass by the riverside. We got a slice of vegan Mocha cake and a salted caramel brownie to share, and they were both delicious! Washed down with some freshly pressed apple juice - it was definitely a great choice for desserts.  

Later in the day, we met up with my brother-in-law and his lovely fiancé for a catch up. We were near Broadmead so ended up in The Crazy Fox Coffee Bar, which is a great little spot off the main street. I went with an Assam tea - my favourite - and Dylan has a chocolate milkshake. Well, half a chocolate milkshake, as he ended up knocking it off the side and painting the window in it. No point crying over spilt milk though, and the staff were very sympathetic to us. We ended up sharing a slice of chocolate tart, which was absolutely divine, but my brother-in-law had already taken a forkful before I could get a snap! The Crazy Fox sell all sorts of tasty goods, such as paninis, pastries and cakes so it's great if you need brunch, lunch or just a brew!

Not bad for a quick day out! I don't venture out to Bristol often enough, so a big thank you to Travelodge for getting me to be a tourist in my lovely city! Have you been to Bristol before? 

Chelsea xo

*Although Travelodge sent me on a quest to find some cheap eats, all words and thoughts my own*

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