Thursday, 10 September 2015

Holiday Blues

We all know that I've been dying for a holiday, right? After feeling hopeful for a springtime trip to Italy, it soon became evident that I might not travel to far away climates anytime soon. However, that doesn't stop me eyeing up possible destinations, or even booking a sneaky trip or two across the UK. There really is nothing better than spending a day or two at the beach, getting thrown off a banana boat or taking a trip to the neighbouring island - and these are all things I'd rather do somewhere exotic and warm - sorry Weston-Super-Mare, but you cold! Jet2Holidays got in touch with me to send me a little care package, as they know all about my holiday woes - which I guess is just as good as sunbathing by a turquoise sea...

I jest! The package was pretty great - containing all the goodies you might expect to sweep away those holiday blues. Some moisturiser to give your skin some TLC, a postcard, some sweeties, some fake tan and a voucher for pizza! If I can't go to Italy, then pizza is a very close second best! 

The eagle-eyed of you may notice some things are missing. I may have eaten/used them...
I think I might have mentioned a while ago that my dad has a house abroad, and sadly this year he had to sell it due to an injury he had which has stopped him from flying. I mean, how selfish can you get? JOKES. But for realsies, it made me so sad to know I'd never return 'home' and has ignited my desire to go abroad once again. I'm hoping we can maybe pencil in a long weekend somewhere in maybe, March or April - so watch this space! Now, I'm off to lose another three hours on the Jet2Holidays website... 

Do you get the post-holiday blues? Or are you planning to go somewhere nice?

Chelsea xo

*Jet2Holidays kindly sent me these goodies, but all words and thoughts are my own*

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