Saturday, 5 September 2015

All About The Eyes

I'm adament that I'm going to give contact lenses another go. As someone with no top lip and therefore cannot wear lipstick with panache, it's often suggested that concentrating on the eyes is the way to go. Y'know, in magazines and stuff. Sadly, I also wear glasses, and my need to pick outrageously obnoxious styles means that any eye make I might choose to wear would get lost behind the iridescent purple frame. Never one to let the obvious stop me, I toddled down to Boots with my No7 vouchers in hand, and walked away with a few goodies!  

No7 False Lashes - No7 80th Birthday limited edition eyeshadow palette - No7 Early Defence eye cream
Of course, that hasn't stopped me buying countless eyeshadow palettes. I'm a big fan of nude shadows, as they can be both daytime and nighttime looks depending on how you want to look. This No7 eyeshadow palette is part of No7's 80th birthday range, and it also comes in a smokey colour way. This nude palette pretty much covers all the bases with these shades - there's a coppery gold, silky taupe and even a highlighter shade thrown in too. 

Wearing a jumper already, what even is this weather?!
I mean look at those shades? I love them. I think I was also drawn to this palette because of the lovely gold casing, as it just looks so much more appealing than a plain black one, and I'd much rather have a decent sized mirror like this than one of those see-through plastic windows. 

I've always wanted to try false lashes, for that special occasion - but wearing glasses sort of defeats the object if no one can actually get a good look at them. This set is the intense volume - which I sadly can't find online - but you might be lucky in store! 

Lastly, I have invested in an eye cream - something I'm going to be using regardless of glasses or contact lenses. Whether you see my eye area naturally or magnified by my dense glasses, I think my eyes are a huge giveaway in how tired I am. The rest of my face could look as perky as you please, but the eyes, the eyes, they give it away. This one is in the Early Defence range, which I bought as my age falls into the 20-35 bracket, and I also have the matching day cream. The range helps fight against environmental factors which can age skin, and this is generally my biggest concern. As I commute and work in a city, I don't want any of that pollution lark to age me prematurely!   

Are you a fan of No7? Do you rock a strong eye look? 

Chelsea xo

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