Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Month That Was

You might remember that I tried to create a new blog series up in this joint, but sadly it came to a halt. Life woes and no time meant that I ended up dropping a few weeks and inevitably ended up with the demise of The Week That Was. And what a shame, too! I really enjoyed writing them, and I think (I hope!) you enjoyed reading them, but I didn’t want to give you weekly updates on an ad hoc basis. So, like the genius I am, I’ve remodelled it and created something new but basically the same, hurrah! Welcome to the first The Month That Was.

So the month of July was eventful to say the least. After around four weeks of working three days a week in my internship, I was bumped up to actual full-time work, and started going there five days a week. Actually, this kind of meant that July was rather eventless, but there we have it. July also started pretty badly, with the loss of my wonderful nana and her funeral. It meant that I got a megabus up North and worried about my dad for a bit, but I also got to see family from Scotland and we just remembered great things from nana and our time with her. Then in the middle of the month – I graduated. July was basically the month of feelings, as I started getting those ‘this is it, I’m an adult’ jitters, despite the fact that I’ve been living like an adult for the past five years. At least now I get to pay tax for my newfound ‘adult’ status, woo! July also saw an engagement, which is always great. Joe’s brother and his lovely now-fiancé are so well suited, I really can’t wait to share their big day with them. We’ve decided that Dylan is going to be the entertainment, as he’ll either re-enact Pokemon or something from the Marvel universe… 

Another new development is another new job! Once my internship ends at the end of August, I’ll be starting up in a small children’s publishers in Bath! It’s all really exciting, and should make great use of my newly developed comms skills as well as my editorial skills from uni. The role sounds pretty great – maybe because they adapted it just for me – and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I think it’s going to have a faster pace than anything I’ve done before, but I’m really keen to learn as much as possible about this wonderful area of publishing!

So there we have it, a month in review! What do you think of this adapted feature? Stay or ney? 

Chelsea xo

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