Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Taking A Moment

Hey y’all. I started typing this out on a massively delayed train, which made me over an hour and a half late for work. Yay! I’ve recently been trying to give myself a blogging schedule. I think it has actually worked well, but today rolled up and I had nothing prepared. Maybe this shows that my blogging schedule actually isn’t working, but let’s not look into that too deeply. 

Taking stock is always a good thing to do, if you ask me. Sitting down and really thinking about what you’ve actually done lately can help shape your perspective. For example - I thought getting the train on a Monday morning was bad, but being delayed an hour and a half on a Tuesday morning is evidently worse… I jest. But let’s crack on shall we, these verbs won’t answer themselves! 

Making a video on type 2 diabetes for my youtube debut. 

Drinking not nearly enough coffee. 

Reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer as it's been on my to-read list for ruddy ages, and I couldn't resist putting it on my library list. 

Wanting a holiday more than anything else in the entire world. 

Looking super tired. Why? Well, because I am extremely tired. 

Playing nothing? I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to buy Zoombinis, but I might have to cave.   

Wasting too much free time on my commute. I've really lost a lot of reading hours as I've been taking my laptop in to work and it's just too heavy for that and a huge hardback book. Plus, y'know, the million other things I put in my bag but never use.   

Fixing our website at work. Someone noticed a spelling error in some metadata so I went all out and fixed it. Clearly should have got a job as an I.T Technician or something.  

Deciding that I actually, really need a holiday. 

Wishing that I could be on holiday? Can you sense a theme? Also wishing that I'll be able to convince Joe we can go to IKEA on his day off... Seems unlikely... 

Enjoying being really appreciated at work. I'm going to be sad to leave them!  

Liking that we ordered Papa John's pizza last night. I haven't had it in three years! #noregrets

Wondering if I can do all the things I'm planning for my week off work. 

Knowing that I probably can't! Gotta love a trier, though!  

Dylan, being picture perfect as always. 
Loving that Joe's brother is now insured on the family car so he can pick me up from the station! And have his independence, or whatever.   

Pondering if I'll ever find a pillow that is good for more than two months. Will I ever find the perfect pillow?

Considering shares in diet coke after the amount I've started drinking.   

Watching Big Hero Six, currently. But I'm also loving the Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix. It's really living up to my expectations after I loved the film. 

Hoping that I don't give myself food poisoning with this turkey drumstick wrap I've fashioned for my tea.

Marvelling at how bad my cooking is. Thank god I married a chef, ey? 
Smelling the glorious smell of melted cheddar. It's pretty dreamy. 
Wearing a really horrible outfit, so please don't come and murder me.

Planning a trip to London with my bae. We're hoping to spend the entire day at Lush.  

Following all the blogger drama on twitter. Or at least trying to. 

Noticing how ninja-like the hamster is. He's currently flipping his little house around his cage and kicking bedding fluff at it. 

Thinking that maybe I should be in bed already? 

Feeling annoyed that my parcel was delivered to my neighbour's house, but they're not home! Let me retrieve the mystery parcel! 

Buying nothing until payday. But I do have a loooooot on my wish list. It's a good thing my birthday is in October! 

Opening all the saved tabs on my laptop to add to my birthday wish lit. (Thanks for reminding me, previous question!)  

Giggling at that dancing Pikachu gif that's been doing the rounds.

What have you been up to lately? 

Chelsea xo

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