Saturday, 15 August 2015

My 'Ten Things To Do In 2015' Revisited

Bloggers love a list, there's no doubt about it. Whether it's a grocery list, a to-do list to start off a new notebook or a list of things you'd like to achieve at some point in the future - we're all posting them. Way back in January, I posted my very own list about my top 10 things I wanted to do in 2015. As we're now well over the halfway line of 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to see what I've managed to tick off, and what I need to finish (or start!) asap! 

- Pass my driving test
Nope, still haven't done this, but I have everything crossed that I manage to do this before the year is out. I had hoped to pass by July, but I didn't realise my theory test would run out in May, and I still need to get around to re-passing the silly thing. Apparently the price goes down in October so I'm considering leaving it until then, although I know everyone will badger me to do it sooner. 

- Renew my passport
Yep! I did this early on in the year as I thought we might be going to visit Italy but noooooo, no one wants to take poor ol' me on holiday. Boo hiss at family. 

- Finish my degree with 2:1 or higher 
I managed to get a 2:1 which is very good and all that. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it now, but if not I posted about my graduation here

- Have afternoon tea 
Well, I went for tea & scones with Joe's mam in March but it wasn't quite afternoon tea. Still! Plenty of time to do this, what with my birthday in October and all those other opportunities to spoil myself. 

This is Dylan's "gosh darn it mama, you've messed this list up" face. 
- See some Red Pandas 
I'm determined to go to the zoo soon, so watch this space! 

- Take Dylan to Cbeebiesland 
I'm not entirely sure we'll be going to Alton Towers any time soon, or taking Dylan to any theme parks for that matter. Maybe Legoland is a bit of a safer option these days?

- Make a patchwork blanket 
Yeah, so I haven't even attempted this. I did make glorious Leona a bow and phone case/glasses case thing for her birthday, which I didn't expect to do so that's quite good! I'd really love to start one, though.

- See a Smiths tribute band 
I was going to get tickets for me and Joe to see a Smiths tribute band for our anniversary, but his brother talked me out of it. We did see actual Morrissey though, which is clearly much better. I would still like to see The Smyths, as they're meant to be the best.

- Do a 'photo an hour' post properly 
Yep, did this! I did it in February, which was actually pretty prompt of me to tick it off so quickly. Although I'd love to do another one, they tend to be on when I'm working (which is every day, but still...) so I always tend to miss them, which sucks! I should really consider quitting my weekend job now that I work during the week, shouldn't I?

- Reach 250 followers on my blog 
Did this one too! Hurrah for me! Please don't leave me. The next milestone is 300 (obvs) as I don't want to be cocky and say 500 and never reach it! At least 300 is somewhat in sight. Of course, it isn't about the numbers, not really, and I'd much rather have 250 readers who care and read than 2000 that skip every post in their feed. So thank you again!

Some successes, some total failures, which is more or less what I expected! Have you had any similar goals for 2015? How are you getting on with them?

Chelsea xo

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