Wednesday, 26 August 2015

#EmergencyHappiness with Dannie & Viking!

I've mentioned it a few times, but the best thing about blogging is definitely the friendships you make.  Having moved over 300 miles away from my childhood friends, and then living nearly 40 miles away from my uni friends, living in Somerset has been pretty lonely for me. When I started my blog, I was newly married with a little baby, living so far away from all of my friends and family, and just about to embark on university - something I had tried and disliked before. Now, I have friends from all around who like the same crap as me, and happily comment, share and scream 'ME TOO!' on anything I write on here. And that's pretty great, right? Not to make you all jealous, but one of my bestest blogger friends is DannieI'm always rushing to sing Dannie's praises, but last week she really proved how downright awesome she is. 

I arrived home from work one day and found this super cute little parcel with bright red smiley faces waiting for me on the dining room table. A parcel from Viking? But I hadn't ordered anything... 

Inside the parcel, I found a little letter telling me that my glorious chum Dannie had nominated me for an #EmergencyHappiness box from Viking and to send a little love my way. Now, I'm not sure how miserable I come across in our daily whatsapp messages, but I've definitely been feeling out of sorts recently. Probably down to the whole working-seven-days-a-week thing I keep badgering on about, but also because of this immense change in my life from graduating university, and thinking about 'the next step'.  Dannie clearly understood the underlining messages there and considered me in need of cheering up, which I am super thankful for. Dannie, you da best! 

Now, you want to know what was in the box, amiright? First up, there was a little wooden chest containing some tea and biscuits to ensure I have a me-time tea break. I'll be honest with you and say that I made a cup of tea as soon as I photographed the chest, as we'd ran out and I love me a good brew. 

Then, I had a 'lucky' bag! No, not one of those little bags of cake and toys you get from a child's birthday party, but a little bag filled with eternal happiness pixie dust, a lucky penny and a lottery ticket.* There was another little bag called the fixer-upper, which contained some sunflower seeds that I am super excited to plant, some plasters to cover up any booboos, a rubber to erase those silly mistakes (whoa, deep!) and a paper clip to make me more organised. I'm telling you, this paper clip is going to change my life if it can make me more organised! 

Dotted around the parcel, there was a slate heart reminding me that I rock, a notebook and pen so I can write down happy moments, bubbles because bubbles, and some sweeties. Finally, there was a giant pink stress ball and some bubble wrap to destress. 

Viking have clearly thought of everything when it comes to creating some emergency happiness, and I'm so glad this little box found its way to me. Thank you so much Dannie for nominating me, it's friendship like yours that makes me truly happy! <3 

Chelsea xo
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*clearly didn't win the lottery or I would have opened this post with how I'm in the middle of the ocean on a boat somewhere... 

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