Friday, 28 August 2015

Things Interning Has Taught Me

It hardly feels like last week since I began my internship as a communications assistant, but somehow  yesterday was my last day. When I applied for the role, I felt hugely under-qualified, and highly unlikely to get the role but I pulled it out of the bag! I thought it would be a nice thing for me to document the tongue in cheek life lessons interning has taught me.

Commuting is hell

I commuted to university, so this isn't exactly news to me - or anyone who has been on a First Great Western train - but FGW really kicked it up a notch this summer. Despite summer being Bath's busiest time for tourists, the great people in train management decided now would be the best time to electrify the rail lines. This has meant my lovely eight-carriage-with-plug-sockets train home has been replaced with a not-so-lovely-barely-has-seat-covers-two-carriage train. Which is even better now that Dylan commutes with me five days a week! Luckily, this rail work ends on Monday, lucky me! 

People will ask you how to use a computer
Maybe it's just my internship, but for the first couple of weeks I ended up acting as Microsoft support.   I even set up some wireless speakers for someone, which I had never before attempted to do before that day. I didn't mind, of course, I was more than happy to help, and I think it really helped me to improve my teaching skills, if you will, and speak more effectively when giving instructions. 

Busy people are lazy people
I mean this in the nicest way I swear but it seems to be the case. As I was working to help GPs, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, I quickly realised how valuable their time is. If they can only give 10 minutes to a patient, then they sure as hell can't spend 20 minutes trying to work out how the intranet works! Which is a good thing, really. It means being to the point in everything you do, and making sure everything you work on has a real purpose. 

I seem more confident than I am
I've had to speak in front of crowds and tell them about all the goings on in the comms world, and I've joked around with trustees and the chair of our organisation. My manager often remarked on how cool and easy-going I am in front of others, or in public speaking, and it really isn't something I've ever thought myself as. 

I could go on for ages and list things, but I'm going to cut it short! I am really sad to be leaving my internship, but also happy about my new role starting next month. Although I hadn't considered a role in communications, it allowed me to work on my existing digital marketing skills as well as develop new skills elsewhere. 

Have you ever been an intern? Would you consider it? 

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

#EmergencyHappiness with Dannie & Viking!

I've mentioned it a few times, but the best thing about blogging is definitely the friendships you make.  Having moved over 300 miles away from my childhood friends, and then living nearly 40 miles away from my uni friends, living in Somerset has been pretty lonely for me. When I started my blog, I was newly married with a little baby, living so far away from all of my friends and family, and just about to embark on university - something I had tried and disliked before. Now, I have friends from all around who like the same crap as me, and happily comment, share and scream 'ME TOO!' on anything I write on here. And that's pretty great, right? Not to make you all jealous, but one of my bestest blogger friends is DannieI'm always rushing to sing Dannie's praises, but last week she really proved how downright awesome she is. 

I arrived home from work one day and found this super cute little parcel with bright red smiley faces waiting for me on the dining room table. A parcel from Viking? But I hadn't ordered anything... 

Inside the parcel, I found a little letter telling me that my glorious chum Dannie had nominated me for an #EmergencyHappiness box from Viking and to send a little love my way. Now, I'm not sure how miserable I come across in our daily whatsapp messages, but I've definitely been feeling out of sorts recently. Probably down to the whole working-seven-days-a-week thing I keep badgering on about, but also because of this immense change in my life from graduating university, and thinking about 'the next step'.  Dannie clearly understood the underlining messages there and considered me in need of cheering up, which I am super thankful for. Dannie, you da best! 

Now, you want to know what was in the box, amiright? First up, there was a little wooden chest containing some tea and biscuits to ensure I have a me-time tea break. I'll be honest with you and say that I made a cup of tea as soon as I photographed the chest, as we'd ran out and I love me a good brew. 

Then, I had a 'lucky' bag! No, not one of those little bags of cake and toys you get from a child's birthday party, but a little bag filled with eternal happiness pixie dust, a lucky penny and a lottery ticket.* There was another little bag called the fixer-upper, which contained some sunflower seeds that I am super excited to plant, some plasters to cover up any booboos, a rubber to erase those silly mistakes (whoa, deep!) and a paper clip to make me more organised. I'm telling you, this paper clip is going to change my life if it can make me more organised! 

Dotted around the parcel, there was a slate heart reminding me that I rock, a notebook and pen so I can write down happy moments, bubbles because bubbles, and some sweeties. Finally, there was a giant pink stress ball and some bubble wrap to destress. 

Viking have clearly thought of everything when it comes to creating some emergency happiness, and I'm so glad this little box found its way to me. Thank you so much Dannie for nominating me, it's friendship like yours that makes me truly happy! <3 

Chelsea xo
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*clearly didn't win the lottery or I would have opened this post with how I'm in the middle of the ocean on a boat somewhere... 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Book Club #20 - All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

After practically forcing my good friend Dannie into reading Haus Frau so I could discuss it with her, when she suggested a book to me I nearly ran down to the library to grab a copy. That book was All The Bright Places. It’s a YA novel, which I do enjoy reading, but Dannie said it was a must read – and she was right. The story follows Theodore Finch and Violet Markey – two teenagers who are brought together at the top of a bell tower.

Nice raunchy pic of me in the bath as I forgot to do my usual white-wall style
Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But each time, something good, no matter how small, stops him. Violet Markey lives for the future, counting the days until graduation, when she can escape her Indiana town and her aching grief in the wake of her sister’s recent death. When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves whom. And when they pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state, both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries: it’s only with Violet that Finch can be himself—a weird, funny, live-out-loud guy who’s not such a freak after all. And it’s only with Finch that Violet can forget to count away the days and start living them. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s begins to shrink.
I mean, you just want to read more, right? Honestly, I picked up All The Bright Places and had to stop myself from reading it all in one go – mostly due to the fact I had work to do and such, but still. I had imagined one outcome for the story around halfway through, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I really didn’t expect the ending, and for once I didn’t find myself wondering if that was it. Maybe this book has broken my bad ending spell, I surely hope so! 

I think this book goes over a lot of issues that need addressing, such as thoughts on suicide, dealing with loss and bullying but I wouldn’t call this an ‘issue’ book, which some people like to mark YA novels as. If you like YA novels, then I would say definitely read this book! If not, you should probably still give it a go. Jennifer Niven has seven other novels – not aimed at the YA crowd – that I would like to pick up, just to see how it differs. 

Have you read All The Bright Places? Or anything else by Jennifer Niven?

Chelsea xo

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Taking A Moment

Hey y’all. I started typing this out on a massively delayed train, which made me over an hour and a half late for work. Yay! I’ve recently been trying to give myself a blogging schedule. I think it has actually worked well, but today rolled up and I had nothing prepared. Maybe this shows that my blogging schedule actually isn’t working, but let’s not look into that too deeply. 

Taking stock is always a good thing to do, if you ask me. Sitting down and really thinking about what you’ve actually done lately can help shape your perspective. For example - I thought getting the train on a Monday morning was bad, but being delayed an hour and a half on a Tuesday morning is evidently worse… I jest. But let’s crack on shall we, these verbs won’t answer themselves! 

Making a video on type 2 diabetes for my youtube debut. 

Drinking not nearly enough coffee. 

Reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer as it's been on my to-read list for ruddy ages, and I couldn't resist putting it on my library list. 

Wanting a holiday more than anything else in the entire world. 

Looking super tired. Why? Well, because I am extremely tired. 

Playing nothing? I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to buy Zoombinis, but I might have to cave.   

Wasting too much free time on my commute. I've really lost a lot of reading hours as I've been taking my laptop in to work and it's just too heavy for that and a huge hardback book. Plus, y'know, the million other things I put in my bag but never use.   

Fixing our website at work. Someone noticed a spelling error in some metadata so I went all out and fixed it. Clearly should have got a job as an I.T Technician or something.  

Deciding that I actually, really need a holiday. 

Wishing that I could be on holiday? Can you sense a theme? Also wishing that I'll be able to convince Joe we can go to IKEA on his day off... Seems unlikely... 

Enjoying being really appreciated at work. I'm going to be sad to leave them!  

Liking that we ordered Papa John's pizza last night. I haven't had it in three years! #noregrets

Wondering if I can do all the things I'm planning for my week off work. 

Knowing that I probably can't! Gotta love a trier, though!  

Dylan, being picture perfect as always. 
Loving that Joe's brother is now insured on the family car so he can pick me up from the station! And have his independence, or whatever.   

Pondering if I'll ever find a pillow that is good for more than two months. Will I ever find the perfect pillow?

Considering shares in diet coke after the amount I've started drinking.   

Watching Big Hero Six, currently. But I'm also loving the Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix. It's really living up to my expectations after I loved the film. 

Hoping that I don't give myself food poisoning with this turkey drumstick wrap I've fashioned for my tea.

Marvelling at how bad my cooking is. Thank god I married a chef, ey? 
Smelling the glorious smell of melted cheddar. It's pretty dreamy. 
Wearing a really horrible outfit, so please don't come and murder me.

Planning a trip to London with my bae. We're hoping to spend the entire day at Lush.  

Following all the blogger drama on twitter. Or at least trying to. 

Noticing how ninja-like the hamster is. He's currently flipping his little house around his cage and kicking bedding fluff at it. 

Thinking that maybe I should be in bed already? 

Feeling annoyed that my parcel was delivered to my neighbour's house, but they're not home! Let me retrieve the mystery parcel! 

Buying nothing until payday. But I do have a loooooot on my wish list. It's a good thing my birthday is in October! 

Opening all the saved tabs on my laptop to add to my birthday wish lit. (Thanks for reminding me, previous question!)  

Giggling at that dancing Pikachu gif that's been doing the rounds.

What have you been up to lately? 

Chelsea xo

Saturday, 15 August 2015

My 'Ten Things To Do In 2015' Revisited

Bloggers love a list, there's no doubt about it. Whether it's a grocery list, a to-do list to start off a new notebook or a list of things you'd like to achieve at some point in the future - we're all posting them. Way back in January, I posted my very own list about my top 10 things I wanted to do in 2015. As we're now well over the halfway line of 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to see what I've managed to tick off, and what I need to finish (or start!) asap! 

- Pass my driving test
Nope, still haven't done this, but I have everything crossed that I manage to do this before the year is out. I had hoped to pass by July, but I didn't realise my theory test would run out in May, and I still need to get around to re-passing the silly thing. Apparently the price goes down in October so I'm considering leaving it until then, although I know everyone will badger me to do it sooner. 

- Renew my passport
Yep! I did this early on in the year as I thought we might be going to visit Italy but noooooo, no one wants to take poor ol' me on holiday. Boo hiss at family. 

- Finish my degree with 2:1 or higher 
I managed to get a 2:1 which is very good and all that. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it now, but if not I posted about my graduation here

- Have afternoon tea 
Well, I went for tea & scones with Joe's mam in March but it wasn't quite afternoon tea. Still! Plenty of time to do this, what with my birthday in October and all those other opportunities to spoil myself. 

This is Dylan's "gosh darn it mama, you've messed this list up" face. 
- See some Red Pandas 
I'm determined to go to the zoo soon, so watch this space! 

- Take Dylan to Cbeebiesland 
I'm not entirely sure we'll be going to Alton Towers any time soon, or taking Dylan to any theme parks for that matter. Maybe Legoland is a bit of a safer option these days?

- Make a patchwork blanket 
Yeah, so I haven't even attempted this. I did make glorious Leona a bow and phone case/glasses case thing for her birthday, which I didn't expect to do so that's quite good! I'd really love to start one, though.

- See a Smiths tribute band 
I was going to get tickets for me and Joe to see a Smiths tribute band for our anniversary, but his brother talked me out of it. We did see actual Morrissey though, which is clearly much better. I would still like to see The Smyths, as they're meant to be the best.

- Do a 'photo an hour' post properly 
Yep, did this! I did it in February, which was actually pretty prompt of me to tick it off so quickly. Although I'd love to do another one, they tend to be on when I'm working (which is every day, but still...) so I always tend to miss them, which sucks! I should really consider quitting my weekend job now that I work during the week, shouldn't I?

- Reach 250 followers on my blog 
Did this one too! Hurrah for me! Please don't leave me. The next milestone is 300 (obvs) as I don't want to be cocky and say 500 and never reach it! At least 300 is somewhat in sight. Of course, it isn't about the numbers, not really, and I'd much rather have 250 readers who care and read than 2000 that skip every post in their feed. So thank you again!

Some successes, some total failures, which is more or less what I expected! Have you had any similar goals for 2015? How are you getting on with them?

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Me-Time Tag

Okay, so the me-time tag has been sitting in my drafts for months. So many months, my original intro was about my New Year's Resolutions! As I thought it would be somewhat untimely to start talking about that in August, I have re-answered the tag with some more current answers. They haven't changed too drastically, as I guess I haven't either, but I've tried to cull any mention of cold weather, ha! 

1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
I quite like trying to find critically acclaimed indie flicks on Netflix, but if we're being honest I'll probably just watch The Office US. If I'm currently reading a book, I'll dedicate some me-time to that as well. 

2. What do you wear during me-time?
I guess this depends on the weather, really. If it's cold, I've got a lovely dressing gown, but if it's not cold then just loungewear, if that's what you call it these days. 

3. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
I like putting on a face mask, usually something detoxing like a clay mask. Other products, which aren't really beauty, include a nice bath melt or bubble bar from Lush. If you're going to indulge, you may as well have a great bath, amiright?

4. Current favourite nail polish?
I'm quite liking nudes at the moment, as they're pretty low maintenance and my devoted nail-painting time is slowly diminishing, sadtimes! 

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time? 
Biscuits! Although I'm trying to make these a rarity, as I'm slowly turning into a heffalump. 

6. Current favourite candle?
I have Lavender Lemon by Yankee Candle is my absolute favourite, and the lavender is perfect for me-time relaxation!

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Not very often. I should really, as we live opposite a nature reserve, but I'm pretty petrified of being bitten by a tick and dying, so... yeah, I don't do that.  

8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
I don't think so. I watch films alone at home, but as I can't drive and don't really live close to a cinema then I can't say it's a trek I'd be willing to make. I have been to gigs alone though, because I'm totally cool. And it was in London, which makes me even cooler.  

9. Favourite online shop?
It's not my favourite, but I'm currently obsessing to find a new phone case, so anything that stocks a giant iPhone 6+ case is in my bookmarks. I'm comin' for ya, cute case of my dreams! 

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
It isn't really me-time, but I do like setting my bag up for the next day. If it means I can have an extra five minutes in bed the next morning, then it certainly feels like a treat! 

I originally saw this tag on Jennie's blog, but this was a while ago and countless other awesome bloggers have done it too! I'm tagging my buddy Zoe, as she's newish to blogging and you should all see what she puts!

Chelsea xo

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Month That Was

You might remember that I tried to create a new blog series up in this joint, but sadly it came to a halt. Life woes and no time meant that I ended up dropping a few weeks and inevitably ended up with the demise of The Week That Was. And what a shame, too! I really enjoyed writing them, and I think (I hope!) you enjoyed reading them, but I didn’t want to give you weekly updates on an ad hoc basis. So, like the genius I am, I’ve remodelled it and created something new but basically the same, hurrah! Welcome to the first The Month That Was.

So the month of July was eventful to say the least. After around four weeks of working three days a week in my internship, I was bumped up to actual full-time work, and started going there five days a week. Actually, this kind of meant that July was rather eventless, but there we have it. July also started pretty badly, with the loss of my wonderful nana and her funeral. It meant that I got a megabus up North and worried about my dad for a bit, but I also got to see family from Scotland and we just remembered great things from nana and our time with her. Then in the middle of the month – I graduated. July was basically the month of feelings, as I started getting those ‘this is it, I’m an adult’ jitters, despite the fact that I’ve been living like an adult for the past five years. At least now I get to pay tax for my newfound ‘adult’ status, woo! July also saw an engagement, which is always great. Joe’s brother and his lovely now-fiancé are so well suited, I really can’t wait to share their big day with them. We’ve decided that Dylan is going to be the entertainment, as he’ll either re-enact Pokemon or something from the Marvel universe… 

Another new development is another new job! Once my internship ends at the end of August, I’ll be starting up in a small children’s publishers in Bath! It’s all really exciting, and should make great use of my newly developed comms skills as well as my editorial skills from uni. The role sounds pretty great – maybe because they adapted it just for me – and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I think it’s going to have a faster pace than anything I’ve done before, but I’m really keen to learn as much as possible about this wonderful area of publishing!

So there we have it, a month in review! What do you think of this adapted feature? Stay or ney? 

Chelsea xo

Friday, 7 August 2015

Three Whole Years

Somehow it’s that time of year again – that’s right, my anniversary with Joe. Today marks our third wedding anniversary, and I honestly can’t believe it. Some days it feels like we’ve been married forever, but in a really nice ‘I’m so glad you know all of my weird stuff and still love me’ kind of way, and some days I can’t believe we upped sticks and started this life together in Somerset. I’ve had our evening planned for quite a while, so I’m really excited to see Joe’s reaction to it – tell you soon, promise – as he’s usually much better at this sort of thing than I am. 

Anyhoo, I don’t want to bore you too much with cryptic talk of anniversaries and such, but I know Joe sometimes reads my blog, so here’s three things being married to Joe has taught me. 

He puts up with me 
Joe puts up with a lot of crap from me, let’s be honest. I’m a lousy at tidying, I can’t really cook and I’d spend our rent money on books if given half a chance. But Joe’s great, and not only does he put up with all of that but he also once picked me up at 2am from Exeter train station after I fell asleep on the last train home. When he was on a breakfast shift the next day. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 

He’s an excellent cheerleader 
Okay, so he hasn’t picked up any pompoms (as far as I’m aware) but Joe is one of the best people to have on your side when you need a bit of a boost. Essentially throughout my entire last year of university, Joe was there to check my work and tell me what worked, as well as what might need changing. When I felt like my interviews were going badly, he’d point out what I had going for me, and why I’m actually quite hireable. If a bake goes wrong, as they sometimes do, he encourages me to try again and reminds me of all the excellent things I’ve baked before.  

Marriage is about having different views on the same end goal 
Possibly the most serious point in this post. Marriage isn’t just about living in the moment and having a gay old time, but rather about putting the work in and ensuring you’re being a good spouse. And by that I don’t mean cleaning or cooking, obvs, but being there for your partner when they most need you to. As an example, Joe and I have the same end goal (I think) of moving back up North and not paying more than £4 for a pint at any given time, but we have different views on how to get there. But that’s a good thing, as it means Joe has often considered things I’ve not even thought of, and vice versa. By considering the many options, it helps you to decide what is really the best way for you both. Some people think compromising is a bad thing, but I think it shows you’re open to new things and willing to hear the opinions of others, which can only be good skills to have in a marriage, right? 

So that's just my two cents on it! Happy anniversary to us! 

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why I'm A Terrible Blogger

Being a blogger isn't about just having a blog anymore, no sirree. You've got to work at keeping the conversation flowing, gaining readers and having your brand on point. Oh, and then there's all the time you spend actually writing blog posts, editing them, taking pictures for them, etc... These things all take time, and that my friends, is something I do not have in spades. 

Working during daylight hours
Ah, the joys of blogging photos! A lot of my blogging friends set aside an hour or twelve to devote to taking blog pics, and this is something I envy greatly! As I'm working five days a week in Bath (or on the train to get there), and the weekends working in a popular drug store ;), I have a very small window for taking pics. My pictures tend to be on the less creative side - can someone say holding a book in front of a white wall? - and this really bugs me. All my favourite blogs are so creative, so visual, and mine is pretty much the same as when I started! Boo, life! 

Not having a very interesting life
As a lifestyle blogger, my life is somewhat boring and therefore hard to document on this here blog. There's only so many times you want to hear that I've been "so busy at work!" so it means that sometimes I don't have a lot to say. This is where blogging about books comes in nicely, as even though I haven't been to a beautiful meadow or out to a fancy restaurant, I have read 3 books during my weekly commute, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts with this one! 

Commenting on blogs
I follow quite a lot of blogs, easily over 300, and there's not a day that goes by when my feedly isn't bursting at the seems. In fact, as I type this I have 499+ unread posts. So many posts my feed has stopped counting! I try to read blogs on my commute, but sadly this means that commenting is a giant pain in the arse. If I remember, I'll often send the blogger a tweet, but more often than not I'm making sure I've got my train ticket ready/not ending up in Swindon. 

Taking part in twitter chats
Honestly, I used to love twitter chats. It was always a really nice thing to do on a Sunday evening (or whatever evening it might be) and getting ready to chat with likeminded twitter folk. But these days everything seems to be loaded with drama. Instead of staying out of a chat when you don't like the topic, more people seem to be taking part to rip it to shreds. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, of course, but to me it looks like people are using the 'sassy' tag to simply become a dickhead. So when push comes to shove, I just stay out of it. 

All of these are a bit tongue-in-cheek as I do try and be a totally awesome blogger, but sometimes it's good to know where you can improve, ha! 

Do you struggle with the other side of blogging? Or is it just me?

Chelsea xo

Monday, 3 August 2015

Literary Listography

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that I'm not the only blogger in the world who loves a good book and a good list. Shocking, right? Well, I hope I'm not the only one as I'm talking about the Literary Listography book. I've tried many of list-eqsue books in the past, such as the 'One Line A Day for Five Years' book, and those 'Three Lines A Day' journal things. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean, maybe you have one too? 

Literary Listography is a little bit different. As instead of asking you to come up with your own stuff - which isn't very good when you're like me and limited on your creativity - but it offers you prompts instead. Favourite autobiography? Favourite quotes? Character you wouldn't save from a rabid dog? I may have made one of those up. I feel like this book is essentially an extension of my goodreads account. Once I check a book off as read, I'll flick through my LL book and see if it fits in somewhere. 

Above all, I think the Literary Listography book is just stunning. The illustrations are dreamy, and I love how they look. I'd love to know the thought process behind what illustrations to create. Below are the illustrations for The Road - Cormac McCarthy and Wild - Cheryl Strayed, which I think are really simple, but beautifully done.

Would you buy Literary Listography? Or is it one list too many?

Chelsea xo

Saturday, 1 August 2015

101 in 1001 #9

Hiya August! I've been thinking about my 101 in 1001 list quite a lot recently. I'd thought I would have an abundance of free time once university finished, but of course I landed myself an internship and now I work seven days a week. It goes without saying that I have next to no free time now, but I've managed to squeeze a few things in. 

Reach 250 followers on my blog 
After what felt like an eternity of flipping between 248 and 249 followers, I somehow made it to 250. I have since grown to an almighty 257, so as they say in show business, watch this space ;) 
I jest, of course. Blogging is about so much more than the numbers and I would like to thank each and every one of you who have stood by me recently or offered me a kind word. It hasn't gone unnoticed, I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of this community.

Finish my degree with 2:1 or higher
I graduated! It was fine. Now what? This leads nicely in to...

Get work experience over the summer
I bagged an internship a week after my final university deadline! Now, I'm well aware that an internship is different to work experience, because, well money, but they fit under the same umbrella. Or at least I say they do for the purpose of this post. I've marked this as completed as I can't imagine I'll be having any more work experience after this, although I would definitely like to if any publishers are reading this. Call me. 

Continue adding to my memory jar
I turned my memory jar into a TBR jar, so I can't really add any more memories, just newly acquired books. I really enjoyed having a memory jar, and if I were hipster enough to have a collection of unused jars then I would have kept this going. I need to start using my TBR jar more often actually, but as I've been using the library more often, I haven't been reading anything that doesn't have a return date. 

Teach Dylan to ride a bike
Okay, so this was going really well until recently. Once the weather perked up a bit, our garden became a bit unruly and therefore unsuitable for bike riding lessons. Determined to do it, though! 

Go to a literature festival
I ordered tickets to see Patrick Ness talk at Bath Children's Literature Festival in September and I am SO excited for it. His new book is out in October, and I honestly can't wait to read it. 

Buy picture frames and put them up
So I've got the frames, and I've got some prints but as of yet they are not on my walls yet. We rent our house so Joe doesn't want to put anything up incase we lose our deposit, which I think is silly, but he's the one with the mad DIY skills so who am I to argue? Actually, in a slightly related note - do you know where I can buy a square picture frame? I have a square print and the ones from IKEA are too small :( 

Quite a lot since my last update! I'm not entirely sure how much I'll be able to complete within the next couple of months, I think I'm going to have to crack down and really try hard to cross some more off! Are you doing a 101 in 1001 list? I'd love to see! 

Chelsea xo
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