Sunday, 26 July 2015

Book Club #18 - Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

I'm going to cut to the chase here, I'm a really big Nick Hornby fan. When I briefly lived in London a few years back, I was quite lonely and found solace in my local library. At first, I used it to search the web, as I didn't have the internet where I lived, but I gradually spent less time updating my Facebook status and more time reading books. The vast majority, if not all, of Hornby's books are set in London, so I really devoured them and read as much of them as I could.

Now, Funny Girl is Hornby's most recent release, and it starts off in 1960s Blackpool with a soon-to-be-crowned beauty queen called Barbara who wants nothing more than to leave Blackpool and become a comedy actress. Her whole family is against the idea, as they don't want her to swan off to London when she could be perfectly happy in Blackpool, getting married and opening carpet shops with her newly acquired queendom. 

I did enjoy Funny Girl, and found it to be quite charming and it seems pretty accurate for the time period it's set in. As a Northerner I didn't like how they portrayed the people of Blackpool, but I can appreciate that moving to London would have probably been unheard of for a young, single woman with no true connection to the place at that time, and it still is to some extent these days. I felt that all the other characters seemed well rounded and added to the story in their own unique way. 

There seems to be a theme with the books I read, and for one reason or another the ending just didn't sit well with me. I'm not sure if other people feel like this, or if I have some complex about books ending, but I just felt like "oh, is that it?" with it. I think it's probably me. Overall, I think fans of Hornby would enjoy this, as it reminded me a bit of his other book Juliet, Naked

Have you read Funny Girl? Are you a Nick Hornby fan?

Chelsea xo

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