Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Week That Was #22

So I'm sure you're all dying to know how my first work of week has been? Well, in a word - tiring. Not the work itself, of course, that's been really mixed and no two days have been the same. This morning I sat in on the board meeting and heard about how one member of staff had been part of a relief team in Nepal. On Monday, I had a conference call with a hilarious guy from Canada. So yeah, pretty mixed! I'm guessing the tiredness has come from not working a 'real job' and then suddenly having one. I was still going to bed at 1am after Netflix binges and having my alarm wake me up at 6am. It was brutal. I'm trying to force myself to go to bed at 10pm every night, but I'm still finding myself scrolling through my twitter feed for an hour or so. *shakes fist at me* 

No relation, but I cannot wait to relax and fill this in!
But what else have I been up to?
- I went out last Saturday for my friend's birthday, which was really fun but my feet still hurt
- I managed to read another book, yay me! I'm now two ahead of schedule, apparently!
- Eating badly. As I've managed my time terribly, I have also been eating terribly. 

That's pretty much it, really. I've been trying to nap more as well, but that seemed less worthy of a bullet point. Now, some of you have been asking about my 1D story. I'm afraid it might be a tad overhyped now, but like Craig David, let me fill you in! 

So, when we saw Manic Street Preachers at Cardiff Castle, One Direction were playing at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. Both venues can hold a ridiculous amount of people, and they're pretty close together as well. Anyhoo, that was fine up until it came to getting out of the car park. We decided not to go straight to the car park as we knew it would be super hard to get out of. So, at around 11:40 we were back at the car park and found our car. It was still gridlocked. We knew there were people manning the ticket barriers, so we thought they must have someone controlling the traffic flow as well. I'm not sure if they did or not in the end, but it seems likely. Anyways, at around 00:25 we were still sat in our car, and could see that cars on the next level down were finally moving. We turned the engine on, and Joe waited until we could move. We edged the car back, hoping someone might let us out when a gap appeared - rejoice! Sadly, the car behind was a 1D mam car, and had only left the gap because she was telling her kid off, or something. As we were reversing into the gap, she suddenly started moving and took over the space. Joe was quite calm about it, but I was really angry. 

The cars stopped again, and I started ranting about how everyone had been waiting, it wasn't as if we had just strolled in and expected to leave first. Joe kept looking for a gap, but whenever he would edge the car into it a 1D mam would come in and take up the space. One car even put themselves at an angle so we couldn't move out, it was ridiculous. So naturally, I was sat in the car like, "WHAT IS WITH THESE 1D MUMS? SORT IT OUT" when I looked over my shoulder and saw a woman just glaring at me. Whoops! I tried my best to look menacing, but I don't think she fell for it.

And that's pretty much the story. I'm sure it's extremely tame to whatever you imagined, but there we have it, I'm afraid. What have you been up to this week? 

Chelsea xo

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