Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Suitcase Essentials

I'm quite vocal about the fact that I really want to go on holiday. I haven't been abroad since 2010, which is of course unacceptable. I'm currently working on going on holiday for my birthday, so fingers crossed I can make it happen! While plotting for a holiday, I've also been collecting some holiday essentials to take with us - can't say I'm not prepared - and thought I would share them with you all. I'm going to skip mentioning clothes, as it depends entirely on where you want to travel to, and I'm sure you know better than me on what you like to wear. You should also check out AgeUK's list of holiday essentials, as it definitely gave me a few handy tips!

An obvious one really, but sunglasses are excellent for all sorts of holidays. A beach holiday, sure, but they hide a weekend of festival sins and can stop you from being blinded in the alps. Be careful when buying sunnies and make sure they have the required SPF protection, you don't want to damage your eyes for the sake of some in fashion Ozzy Osborne shades.

Sun lotion
Speaking of SPF protection, you should always take sun lotion away with you. Even in ol' Blighty you can catch a tan - or worse, burn - and this can cause years of damage to your skin, and even lead to skin cancer. It isn't worth the risk, so you should always have your sun lotion with you. I always opt for factor 30, but go higher if you need to!

They say a girl can never have too many shoes, but I do believe that there's a limit. For most holidays, I have taken a pair of trainers/walking shoes - often wearing them to fly in, to save bulking up your suitcase - sandals and some 'going out' shoes. These can be heels if you like, but I tend to go for wedges or flats! If you're going for a week, I think this is more than enough!

Travel Documents
Not going to get very fair without your travel documents! I find it helpful to have all of my stuff in the same place, as my in-flight bag will always be overflowing with junk. You can get some really cute travel wallets these days, so if you're into organisation then treat yo'self. I have a nice little wallet that matches my suitcase tag because I'm sad like that. Anyways, in this I keep all of our passports together, European health cards, and can easily add stuff like boarding passes and the like to it. Hint family.

Are you a big statement necklace fan? Do you pile on the midi rings? If you don't do it at home, chances are you won't be bothered to faff about on holiday. Of course, if these things are your style, feel free to take as many as you like - but be conscious of how you would feel if you lost them abroad. I used to have a really cute ring that I wore everywhere and took it off to apply suncream, only to forget to put it back on again. It wasn't an expensive ring, by any means, but I do miss it. 

So there we have it, my holiday essentials! Have I missed anything off? What do you always take on holiday?

Chelsea xo

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