Monday, 1 June 2015

June, Baby! (And Some News!)

Last year, I brought in June with a delightful post on the stuff I wanted to achieve over my summer holiday from university. This year I've finished university and expected to have endless hours of free time to create another 'stuff I wanna do' post but instead I have some awesome news to share... 

I got a job! 

That's right! Hardly a week out of university, and I managed to get myself a little job. Technically, it's an internship but I'm still super happy about it and I'm not going to let you rain on my parade, ha. I will be a Communications Intern, which is essentially using a lot of social media to create conversations and such. I think. To celebrate, I've been out for two meals this week - which although enjoyable, not a great time to start Slimming World! Yep, so as well as starting a new job, I'm also determined on getting myself a banging' bod. Go me. 

I start my new job in the middle of the month, and I still can't quite believe it! I'd convinced myself that I had flopped the interview, but my new boss (ahhh!) told me that I was calm and came across as just a great gal. Or something along those lines anyways. Now, I'm sure that my blog will go into some sort of funk once I start, as I've no idea how busy/tired I'll be. Hopefully it won't change too much, and I'll just basically find out how organised I can be. Either way, it's an exciting time right now, and I can't wait to share it all with you! 

Chelsea xo

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