Saturday, 20 June 2015

Body Shop Haul

Sometime in October I signed up for The Body Shop's reward card, as they were holding a student night and the card would be free! Naturally, I signed up and bought a few earlyish Christmas presents for people. I went back in a few weeks ago to buy some more hand cream and saw that they were holding a members event at the start of June. I told myself to remember to pop in, but as I don't have a The Body Shop in my town I quickly forgot all about it. As it turns out, my friends wanted to go to Bristol and whatdyaknow, the event was on! 

Normally when The Body Shop hold a 40% off event, they never include their newest ranges, which is fair enough, I guess. At this particular event, card members could include new stuff in the 40% off AND get a free goodie bag if they spent over £25 - which is easily done, to be fair. I had a few things in mind, but ended up taking home slightly more than I anticipated! If Joe asks, I'm definitely saving money, okay?! I really wanted to grab the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser and I have to say, it's quickly becoming my favourite! The smell is glorious, and it's very cooling which I think will definitely come in handy to wake me up a bit once the nice weather finally arrives. It's very light, and I've found that a little goes a long way. Some have said that it's very similar to the Origins GinZing range - just without the hefty price tag! 

Next up, I picked two items from the Vitamin E range - the Face Mist and the new Eye Cube. It must have been a sunny day when I bought these, as I thought the Face Mist would be a great addition to my handbag in the warmer weather. Either way, I commute a lot and I think this will definitely cool me down after an overpacked train journey. I picked the Eye Cube up on a bit of a whim, to be honest. I've never really bothered with eye creams or anything, shock horror, but thought I might as well start now with this cute little thing. As it's a balm, rather than a cream, I find that it doesn't dry my delicate skin out, but rather melts in and makes it feel plump and lovely. It's also very cooling, and can take me from looking tired and haggard to bright and awake in a simple swipe. Good stuff all round! 

My final buy was the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter. I lapped up the Argan Oil craze when it started being featured in all the best hair treatments, so when I found out it was joining the skincare world, I knew I had to grab some. I can never leave The Body Shop without a Body Butter, so this time grabbed the Wild Argan Oil one, as it was finally included in the promotion! This smells really wonderful, and I can often spend ages massaging it into my skin as it just feels so nice. I think I'll try out the Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub once my current scrub runs out, as it has really high reviews on the website. 

Now, on to the goodie bag, featuring an array of products costing around £20. I immediately popped the Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream into my work bag as I get a bit paranoid about how clean my hands are after handling train doors and the like. A 60ml bottle of Rainforest Shine Shampoo for normal to dry hair, which is the perfect size to go in a travel bag, as is the Coconut Shower Cream and the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion. Then we have a small tub of Satsuma Body Butter and a Shea Lip Butter. I really like the lip butter, and often use them when I put a face mask on, to add back some moisture while I keep my face incredibly still, haha! And finally, we have the orange shower lily

All in all, not bad for one trip! I really like all the products included in the goodie bag, and I'm sure I'll use them all as well - I hate it when you get a free gift with something and it's stuff you never use. 

Do you like The Body Shop? Any products you'd like to hear more about? 

Chelsea xo

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