Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Week That Was #18

Well, howdy stranger! You may have noticed - or maybe you didn't - that I pretty much fell off the face of the earth. As I knew I had a few deadlines coming up, I thought I had better schedule up some posts and then it just stopped. I've hardly tweeted, and I've hardly read my favourite blogs, but now the end is in sight. My last deadline is tomorrow and as I can't work on it before Dylan goes to sleep - I'm recording myself reciting some poetry, as you do - I thought I'd check in! 

So what have I been up to recently? In all honestly, not a great deal, but let's have a look anyways! 

- I read, and cried at, Hausfrau. It's amazing. Please hit me up if you've read it as I need to discuss it
- Went to London to record people baaing. For my degree. Yep.
- ate so much bad food recently, I think I might actually want a salad tomorrow
- ordered my graduation tickets! Well two of them, I've got to wait and see if I can get a third for my stepmam!
- got into a dubsmash rap battle with Leona, also check out her beautiful new header if you haven't already!
- I made a digital portfolio of some of the projects I've worked on this year. Would anyone care to see it? 

So, that's pretty much it really. I like to think I've been helping the pro-plus company from going bust, and I definitely should have shares in Cherry Coke, but other than that it's been non-stop work from me. If it all goes to plan tomorrow, I'll be finished university forever! My goodness! 

What have you been upto? Is anyone else finishing uni this month?

Chelsea xo

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