Friday, 1 May 2015

The Week That Was #17

Well hello, friends! Another slightly delayed TWTW post, I am getting terrible with this whole 'sticking to the original plan' thing. Of course, you all know by now that I am in the thick of it with uni deadlines right now - with my first deadline on Tuesday, yikes! Clearly my sanity is in question as here I am, still blogging away, but hopefully my love for you guys won't cost my dearly when it comes to my marks! 

Enough of that though, let's check in with my week! I've been receiving a flurry of comments this week, so can I please say a big thank you to everyone who has done so! I promise that I shall reply to you all, and comment spam you all when I'm deadline free, tis the least I can do. I also received a whole load of encouragement when it came to interviews. Seriously, I've had a few lined up and you've all rushed to support me and wish me well, and it honestly means a lot. THANK YOU! Now, what else have I been up to? 

- playing even more Disney monopoly. I keep winning, it's tiresome. 
- uniwork, obvs. 
- eating more food than one person should but who says no to pizza? Or pizza? Not this girl!
- getting paranoid about Dylan playing with play-doh with our cream carpets. 
- received some exciting cake stuff in the post, I can't wait to bake again in my free time!
- listening to N*Sync because everyone in the universe sent me the 'gonna be may' meme.

Not a great deal, really, but who has a life with deadlines looming? Guys, you must be so excited for when I never mention deadlines ever again, I know I am. Of course, then I'll probably be like 'do you remember when I only had three deadlines? Ha, uni was so easy compared to real life!' 

What have you all been up to? 

Chelsea xo

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