Friday, 15 May 2015

I've Left University!

Hurrah for the somewhat dramatic blog title! That's it, I've only gone and submitted my final university assignment and now I'm ready for the real world! As happy as I am to be deadline free, I am really looking forward to taking a few days out and catching up with my favourite reads! And reading a book for fun! And watching Netflix and not feeling guilty about it! All of the things! 

When I shared my book proposal with you, I couldn't believe all of the lovely comments I received on it, so I thought I would share my portfolio with you as well - ain't you a lucky thing? I've worked on a few projects at university this year, and this is essentially my equivalent to a dissertation. I've worked on other things as, such as my book proposal, and I even developed two websites! But sadly these things were for other modules and I wasn't allowed to tag them on the end, which is a shame. Still, if you're interested in academic publishing or Walt Whitman poetry being read by a 23 year old Northerner, let me know!

Although I uploaded a PDF, I actually made my portfolio in iBooks Author, so that it looks nicer on an iPad so there are a few scrolling boxes that you can't use in this version. You're not really missing much, just a few extra examples or something along those lines. We did this as we're having our work displayed on iPads in our degree show, cos y'know, we're just so digital savvy like that.

So yeah! Please be nice, if you spot any hideous mistakes, do not tell me as, as I've submitted it and I'd rather not die of shame, ha! 

Chelsea xo

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