Friday, 29 May 2015

#GeniusJeans 2 Ways with George*

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the lovely people from Talented Talkers contacted me asking if I'd like to try out some #geniusjeans from George. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as I'd recently thrown away all of my jeans due to them being pretty rubbish quality. I really like clothes from George, and in fact one of my favourite dresses is from there, so I spent hours trying to narrow down my choices. I ordered the turn-up jeans*, as I have stumpy legs and thought this style would hide that the best. When they arrived, I was actually amazed at how comfortable they are - and they're only £16! The denim is super soft and has a little bit of stretch in it, which is always good when your husband is a chef! 

As I'm rather terrible at outfit posts, I thought I would of course show you two ways of styling these jeans. Because, y'know, doing more of something you're terrible at will make you better, right? Right? So without further delay, let's check out these jeans! Please excuse the quality, I'm still trying to figure out the timer on my camera so my poses are a bit #awks!

Blue Duster Jacket* - George | Long Vest Top - New Look | Jeans* - George
So the first look I was going for is clearly 'drinks with the girls'. The blue duster jacket is a really great length, and makes you look a bit more put together than just the jeans and top alone. My top is from New Look, but it's no longer on the website, hence the no link! 

Crochet top* - George | Jeans* - George
I love, love, love this top. I'd wear it every day if I could, and it's definitely one of my favourites to lounge around the house in. This would be my 'picnic in the park' outfit, but sadly the whole month of May has been a bit of a wash-out, hasn't it? Hopefully June will perk up and I can fill a basket up with goodies. The sleeves on this top are batwing style, which is nice and floaty, and gives you that pretty tiered look. They have a few styles of this top, so I'm considering buying a few more with the different prints! 

So what do you think of my outfit choices? Do you have any George bargains? 

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Week That Was #19

Hello everyone! I somehow managed to miss a week or two of these posts, in my bid to keep up with writing 'other' content. By 'other' I mean 'anything other than a weekly update', so of course I kept forgetting to write a weekly update! Still, I'm back again this week and what a week it's been! I've got my degree show this evening, so I'm whisking Joe off for an evening in Bath and we're hoping to head to Bill's for dinner afterwards. I like celebrating me, what can I say? 

Other things that have happened this week include: 
- joining Slimming World on Monday and pretty much sticking to it without any problems
- picking up the lovely new Laura Ashley bedding I snapped up during their 50% off sale! 
- buying some shoes for my graduation curtesy of Erica's instagram sale
- I had an interview on Wednesday about a really cool sounding summer internship
- Joe mowed our lawn so now our grass looks pretty hideous. Still, better than the overgrown mess it had become!
- fiddling around with my blog layout, so apologies if it currently looks a mess! 
- reserved 14 books at my local library! Ain't nobody gunna stop me reading now that uni is over! Speaking of which, I also bullied Dannie into reading Hausfrau so I have someone to talk to about it :)

I'm pretty sure that's it, actually! Now, I'd better get off the laptop and start getting ready for this evening! What have you all been up to this week? 

Chelsea xo

Monday, 25 May 2015

Book Club #16 - Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

You may have noticed Hausfrau on my recent book wish list. As soon as I got my hands on this book, I couldn't wait to dive in. Luckily, I had a nice long train journey planned so I managed to read this on the go. I'm really glad that I was going where the train terminated, as I became so gripped with the story that I am positive I would have missed my stop had it have been somewhere else! 

Hausfrau tells the story of Anna, an American expat living in Switzerland with her Swiss husband and their three children. Anna hasn't learnt the language, doesn't have her own bank account and despite her idilic life, she's falling apart. 

You've probably seen me gushing about this book at every available opportunity, but I really love this book. I completely devoured it. The book flicks between the present time and Anna's visits to her therapist, and I thought this was a great idea. You don't know when each therapist visit is, it might have been that week or a year ago, but it links in so beautifully with Anna's way of living.

Essbaum's characters are all well developed, and although I couldn't really agree with Anna's actions, I understood why she did it. In another sense, I felt like I didn't know much about Anna's husband Bruno but neither does Anna. She doesn't know what his job is exactly, or even speak his native language, despite living in Dietlikon with him for nine years.

I would really recommend Hausfrau to anyone interested in a challenging story like this. I desperately need to talk to someone who's read Hausfrau, so please let me know if you've read it! 

Chelsea xo

Friday, 22 May 2015

L is for...


Oh boy, do I like a laugh or do I like a laugh? As with most things, I find that my sense of humour is really all over the place. Be it observational comedy like Mark Watson, satirical comedy like Stewart Lee or just really weird, songs-with-a-keyboard David O' Doherty who I saw a few years ago. 

It's the same with TV shows too. My all-time favourite is The Office US, which I am currently re-watching for the fourth time. Not entirely sure how that happened, but I'm happy about it all the same. My favourite character changes quite a lot, but it's currently Stanley - when he tells Ryan off always has me in fits of laughter. Other funny shows I like are anything with Alan Partridge in, The IT Crowd and other hilarious stuff like that. That's without even mentioning the hundreds of other shows I've watched on Netflix or back in the day before wireless internet. 

This is the point when I mention how I think Paul Rudd looks like Joe...
I would say at least 80% of films I watch are comedies. I do like a good drama, but comedy is really where my heart lies. It's very cliched to say, but I think the world is already far too full of destruction and unhappiness to want to watch over two hours of fake explosions or Liam Neeson's family being kidnapped over and over again. Give me Tina Fey, Paul Rudd - yes, please! - or Ben Stiller at their comical best any day of the week. 

What are your favourite comedies? Tell me what I need to add to my 'to watch' list! 

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

So What Happens Next?

After months of crossing off the days on my calendar, I have finally finished university. Well, nearly. I have to go in for an informal presentation of one of my assessments and I have a degree show at the end of the month, but still. Unless something has gone drastically wrong, I'm finished. This would fill most people with a sense of happiness, y'know, the need to celebrate and such, but I'm not ready to just stop now. I've been working my butt off for the past few months, and now what? Netflix marathons? Don't get me wrong, I am definitely indulging in Netflix and reading-because-I-want-to for the next few days, but I feel like I should keep busy and have a plan of action. 

Let's check out my options. These are all short term goals, really, as I've no idea what I'm going to be doing by September. 

Get Back Into The Gym
With deadlines creeping closer, I had to stop attending the gym as I felt so guilty going when I should have been working. I'm actually really excited to back to my spinning class and Pilates! Another reason for doing this is that I have been eating terribly as my deadlines approached. I definitely went for convenience, and with no real reason to as we had so many quick and easy healthy alternatives hiding in the cupboards/freezer. I'm determined to have no pizza until after I graduate. 

Find a job!
Of course, like every graduate in the country, I will be joining the search for that elusive first job. As my degree is in publishing, I've been applying for a lot of internships and hopefully this will pay off me! I've also been looking at jobs in marketing as I've become pretty savvy with it in all of my uni projects. 

Read more books
I really, really missed reading for fun and I can't wait to get back on top of my Goodreads challenge. I'm looking forward to hitting up the library for some new reads as well, as now I'm without student discount I'll need something to keep me from spending! 

That's essentially it. Wow, I thought I had my whole life mapped out when I started writing this but I guess not! What have you got planned for the near future? Maybe I could borrow an idea or two... 

Chelsea xo

Monday, 18 May 2015

Double Doh with Dylan

Play Doh Double Desserts Kit
When we were offered the chance to try out this Play Doh Double Desserts kit*, we just couldn't say no. Like most three year olds, Dylan loves the chance to make a mess, so this kit was right up his street. The kit lets you create your own cakes and 'frost' them to your hearts content - after a lengthy discussion on not eating them, of course. This nifty little set is from Hobbycraft, which I always tend to have at least two tabs open on at any one point. I always think craft supplies are a great thing to have an abundance of, as you never know when it's going to be a rainy day - which is often, in England!

What do you think of Play Doh? A Play Do or a Play Don't? 

Chelsea xo

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*this kit was offered free of charge, but my words - and Dylan's enjoyment - have not been changed in any way!

Friday, 15 May 2015

I've Left University!

Hurrah for the somewhat dramatic blog title! That's it, I've only gone and submitted my final university assignment and now I'm ready for the real world! As happy as I am to be deadline free, I am really looking forward to taking a few days out and catching up with my favourite reads! And reading a book for fun! And watching Netflix and not feeling guilty about it! All of the things! 

When I shared my book proposal with you, I couldn't believe all of the lovely comments I received on it, so I thought I would share my portfolio with you as well - ain't you a lucky thing? I've worked on a few projects at university this year, and this is essentially my equivalent to a dissertation. I've worked on other things as, such as my book proposal, and I even developed two websites! But sadly these things were for other modules and I wasn't allowed to tag them on the end, which is a shame. Still, if you're interested in academic publishing or Walt Whitman poetry being read by a 23 year old Northerner, let me know!

Although I uploaded a PDF, I actually made my portfolio in iBooks Author, so that it looks nicer on an iPad so there are a few scrolling boxes that you can't use in this version. You're not really missing much, just a few extra examples or something along those lines. We did this as we're having our work displayed on iPads in our degree show, cos y'know, we're just so digital savvy like that.

So yeah! Please be nice, if you spot any hideous mistakes, do not tell me as, as I've submitted it and I'd rather not die of shame, ha! 

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Week That Was #18

Well, howdy stranger! You may have noticed - or maybe you didn't - that I pretty much fell off the face of the earth. As I knew I had a few deadlines coming up, I thought I had better schedule up some posts and then it just stopped. I've hardly tweeted, and I've hardly read my favourite blogs, but now the end is in sight. My last deadline is tomorrow and as I can't work on it before Dylan goes to sleep - I'm recording myself reciting some poetry, as you do - I thought I'd check in! 

So what have I been up to recently? In all honestly, not a great deal, but let's have a look anyways! 

- I read, and cried at, Hausfrau. It's amazing. Please hit me up if you've read it as I need to discuss it
- Went to London to record people baaing. For my degree. Yep.
- ate so much bad food recently, I think I might actually want a salad tomorrow
- ordered my graduation tickets! Well two of them, I've got to wait and see if I can get a third for my stepmam!
- got into a dubsmash rap battle with Leona, also check out her beautiful new header if you haven't already!
- I made a digital portfolio of some of the projects I've worked on this year. Would anyone care to see it? 

So, that's pretty much it really. I like to think I've been helping the pro-plus company from going bust, and I definitely should have shares in Cherry Coke, but other than that it's been non-stop work from me. If it all goes to plan tomorrow, I'll be finished university forever! My goodness! 

What have you been upto? Is anyone else finishing uni this month?

Chelsea xo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The 'Great Book' Wish List

Today I handed in my first of three final assignments. I can hear you all chorusing in joy, like the muses from Hercules. As my blogging lately has been nothing but scarce updates - which at the best of times some people find boring - I wanted to bring up a reading wish list. I did a similar one last year, with a nice list of looks I wanted to read over the summer break. Hopefully, if I get myself a swanky job, I won't be having a summer holiday this year, but let's have a look at all the books I want to read soon anyways! 

please blame the quality of these images on the book depositry website, and not my awesome editing skills, ta
Hausfrau is the newest book in my collection, but I had to add it to this list. It started receiving literary reviews at the start of the year, and after seeing the cover, I instantly wanted it. I think it's got 'bloggers book club' written all over it, and I'm certain it'll be a corker. 

The Casual Vacancy isn't a book I was at all interested in when it first came out, but my friend keeps banging on about how good the TV adaptation was, and how you should read the book first as there's a few little changes in it. I know a little bit about the story, so I'll be excited to see if this is in my local library. 

A Monster Calls has been on my to-read list for absolutely ages, and I really want to grab the illustrated version. Patrick Ness has another book out in the summer (August I think?) so I'm going to try and read this and More Than This before it comes out. 

Elizabeth is Missing is another book I wanted to read when I heard about it, but I think I was adamant I wouldn't be buying anymore books until I've read a few on my shelves. OH WELL. I'm sure I can treat myself to this one, especially when it has 51% online. Rude not to, really. 

I thought I'd better stop at four, but I could honestly list the books I want to read all day! I think I'm definitely going to treat myself once my next two assignments have been handed in and just spend a whole week reading in bed. Sounds perfect to me! 

Have you read any of these books? Which books are on your to-read list?

Chelsea xo

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Beautiful art? Yes please!

It's not often that I get to share art on my blog, but today I'm going to do just that. As we live in rented accommodation (and probably will for the foreseeable future), we've never really had anywhere as 'home'. Which is a shame, when you think about how much time you spend in the place! One thing we do have a lot of, somehow, is empty frames. I had a look at the minted website and came across a huge range of beautiful prints. 

This beautiful foil print would look lovely in our bedroom - and it isn't too lovey that Joe would object. We currently have some instagram polaroids hanging up above our bed, but this would look so much sweeter and I think would add to the whole atmosphere of the room. BOWCHICAWOWOW, AMIRIGHT? Seriously though, I do really love this print, and it would probably make a nice wedding/anniversary gift as well. Bonus! 

This is a foil map of France, don't you know, and when I saw this I knew it would look amazing in my sister-in-law's bedroom! She has a Parisian Chic sort of style going on, and as she's 14 I think this would make the room seem more sophisticated. The foil gold makes these prints really stand out, and the abstractness of it just makes my design eye happy. Minted have a whole selection of these, ranging from the states of America to good ol' Blighty. 

Now that I'm nearing the real world of work, I thought it would be a nice idea to look out for some personalised notebooks. This comes in three colours, and could actually be personalised even further into being a planner, notebook or address book! Snap me up one of each, please! The font looks quite 'blogger' to me, if you know what I mean, and I think that's what caught my eye originally. I do love the colour though, and the floral pattern. 

I haven't even scratched the surface of the minted website - they've got wedding material, graduation stuff, business cards - you name it, they've got it! All of the designs have been specially by a global community of designers, and the quality just shines through the screen. 

Have you visited minted before? 

Chelsea xo

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Week That Was #17

Well hello, friends! Another slightly delayed TWTW post, I am getting terrible with this whole 'sticking to the original plan' thing. Of course, you all know by now that I am in the thick of it with uni deadlines right now - with my first deadline on Tuesday, yikes! Clearly my sanity is in question as here I am, still blogging away, but hopefully my love for you guys won't cost my dearly when it comes to my marks! 

Enough of that though, let's check in with my week! I've been receiving a flurry of comments this week, so can I please say a big thank you to everyone who has done so! I promise that I shall reply to you all, and comment spam you all when I'm deadline free, tis the least I can do. I also received a whole load of encouragement when it came to interviews. Seriously, I've had a few lined up and you've all rushed to support me and wish me well, and it honestly means a lot. THANK YOU! Now, what else have I been up to? 

- playing even more Disney monopoly. I keep winning, it's tiresome. 
- uniwork, obvs. 
- eating more food than one person should but who says no to pizza? Or pizza? Not this girl!
- getting paranoid about Dylan playing with play-doh with our cream carpets. 
- received some exciting cake stuff in the post, I can't wait to bake again in my free time!
- listening to N*Sync because everyone in the universe sent me the 'gonna be may' meme.

Not a great deal, really, but who has a life with deadlines looming? Guys, you must be so excited for when I never mention deadlines ever again, I know I am. Of course, then I'll probably be like 'do you remember when I only had three deadlines? Ha, uni was so easy compared to real life!' 

What have you all been up to? 

Chelsea xo
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