Monday, 27 April 2015

Summer To-Do List!

Now that the weather has started to brighten up, I've been thinking a lot about summer. Well, to be honest, I've been thinking about life after uni deadlines mostly, but that's just the start of summer, right? Right? I'm quite conscious of my little 101 in 1001 Days list and how that time is ticking over, so I thought it might be a nice idea to show you some of my plans from there that I'd like to cross out over the summer. I've no idea what I'll be doing after university ends, so this seems like a good way to inject some life into those scary first months of officially being an adult!*

Pass my driving test!
I'd like to do this as soon I can. I've been taking lessons, but have had to take a break due to deadline stresses, so once these are out of the way I'd like to get stuck in again. I'm hopefully not far off, and I'd love to be able to give Joe a rest from being the designated driver for the past four years! 

Finish my degree with a 2:1 or higher
I've done pretty well with my grades so far this year, but I have some pretty weighty assignments left which could really swing my grades either way. I would be so happy with a 2:1 but whatever I achieve, I know I can be proud of myself for getting this far. 

Go to Longleat
We've been planning a girl's trip to Longleat so hopefully we can do that this summer! I've never been before, but I think it's probably one of the most popular attractions in Somerset, so I've got no excuse for not going before now! Definitely won't be driving to this one, though! Ha!

See some Red Pandas
Man, I love me some red pandas. 

Own a BBQ
Since moving to this house last summer, we were determined to have a house-warming BBQ party and invite our nearest and dearest, but it's pretty hard to do that when you don't own a BBQ. Joe's been eyeing up some fancy pants smoker/BBQ combo thing which sounds pretty pricey to me, but Joe assures me that it means better tasting food for me. Which can only be an excellent thing. 

Go to a karaoke night
Guys, I have been campaigning for a karaoke night with my university chums for three years. THREE YEARS. And no one will do it cos they're all wimps. I'm going to go to one in the summer and I don't care if I have to do it alone. Is it such a crime to want to sing Destiny's Child songs in public?  

So there's my summer to-do list! It's only a handful of things from my 101 days list, so who knows? I might do all of this and then some! I'm wild, baby! Do you have any plans for the summer?

Chelsea xo

*if being a mam and wife wasn't enough!

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