Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Play day for Dylan with #GeorgeTopToys

You might not think a post about toys can be relevant to you, but I'm sure most people reading this will have a younger sibling, or a nephew maybe. Maybe not, but when I was asked to feature some toys on my little blog, I couldn't say no. I think I was probably feeling guilty about putting my uni work first over the easter holidays, so in a way this post is entirely a bribe to my three year old. Sure, I forgot about that playdate you were meant to have, but look... it's Batman

What can I say? Superboy loves Batman. Anyhoo, the good folks from George at ASDA asked me to pick some top toys for this weird chap, and I must say, I had a hard time choosing! I think I must have a really small ASDA or something, as I didn't realise they sold such a huge range of toys! Really fun educational and developmental toys such as the Despicable Me Play-Doh to every kid's favourite Lego and construction toys and even the odd bit of arts and crafts - something that would be perfect for those April showers we're likely to have.

I've decided to only give Dylan one toy at a time - meaning, I'm putting off building and then standing on the Lego, ha! - as I often worry he'll grow up with spoilt-only-child syndrome! Joe's going to be off work for a two week holiday soon so I'm sure we'll be getting crafty or super messy with his new toys! With any luck, I'll be able to rope Joe into doing all the tidying up as well, but let's leave that for another post... 

What do you think of my selection? Aren't toys so much better these days?! 

Chelsea xo

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*Items were sent in exchange for this review, but as always, all thoughts are my own. And Dylan's.*

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