Wednesday, 8 April 2015

An Eggcellent Start To April

Ho hum, I'm so hilarious. I hope that now it's Wednesday we've all gotten back into the swing of things after a pretty wild bank holiday weekend! I had a really lush time, as I gave myself a few days off from uni work to devour some chocolate spend time with Dylan. We made a card for his nana and we went for a National Trust park and had a lovely stroll. What else did we do? Oh yeah, I only went and made a giant mini egg cake! 

"and a hot egg!"
I pretty much just copied this recipe word for word, I just used a different colour to icing it with. It was more lilac in person, but sadly there's none left to prove it! Anyhoo, I had great fun making this, and if you're ever somewhat inclined to make an egg shaped cake, then I say go for it. I was tempted to let Dylan help me with the splatters on the cake, but to be honest I made enough mess for the two of us. 

By the time you read this, I should be having my all exciting chat with a potential employer, so keep on rootin' for me! It would really lift a huge weight from my shoulders if this goes well. No pressure on you guys, though... ;) 

What did you get up to over Easter? 

Chelsea xo

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