Monday, 9 March 2015

Wicked, Bristol Hippodrome

Imagine the scene - you get off the train at Bristol Temple Meads, and see you need to walk 18 minutes to see a show that starts in 12 minutes. You start to speed walk as much as possible behind people with huge luggage cases, getting to the barriers and notice that it's raining outside. That's fine, you think, a little drizzle never hurt nobody. As you get to the traffic lights by the bottom of the road, the black clouds have well and truly rolled in, pissing out at least three weeks worth of rain. Still, you make a run for it - despite wearing a dress and some fancy shoes - and make it to the show, only a minute or so late. Was it worth it? 

taken from the Wicked website
Hell yeah, it was! I'd booked to see Wicked with a group of work friends absolutely months ago, only knowing that it would be "in February or March" until about a week before the date. I'd decided that as I would be at uni already, I'd simply get the train over to Bristol, grab some food - possibly at Five Guys - and then mooch around until everyone else had drove up. Instead, I finished uni early, got invited to the pub by uni friends, and ended up missing my intended train, and rocking up the show two minutes into the opening song. I'm not entirely sure why, but stuff like this just happens to me when it comes to trains. Never on time when I'm there, never running late when I'm minutes late.

ANYWAYS. Wicked was simply breathtaking. I hadn't been to a musical for a number of years (more fool me!) since seeing Saturday Night Fever at Darlington Civic Theatre in year 10 with school, so I had kind of forgotten how it would be. The whole room was captivated by the stage, and rightly so. The actresses playing Glinda the Good and Elphaba were amazing, of course, but the whole cast were simply perfect, with each song reaching everyone in the room. I mean, it's no wonder that Wicked has broken box-office records around the world, if they keep hiring such amazing talent on stage and behind. 

If at all possible, I'd really recommend seeing Wicked if it comes to a town near you - or taking the trip to London - as it's definitely a must see show! Now, who wants to come and see The Sound of Music with me? 

Chelsea xo

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