Monday, 23 March 2015

Time for a shake up!

So I might have mentioned that I'm intending to improve myself. I guess it came around with my resolutions for the new year, but I wanted this year to be different. No more forgetting all about them by February, and crying into my pizza by March - no siree! 2015 would be the year I get my act together, and be happy with who I am. 

This meant joining the gym. Now, I'll be honest with you - there is nothing more motivating than knowing you paid £38 for a month. If I don't go in that month, I've just thrown away nearly £40. If I go once, it's cost me £38 instead of the pay-as-you-go rate of £4 (or whatever it is, I don't dare check). So I've been aiming to get to the gym three times a week. I know that I can't always do this - what with childcare issues, and schedule classes - but I aim to be as close to three times as possible. 

By the start of March, I noticed little changes. Running up the stairs at work didn't take it completely out of me. And that was really it. When I weighed myself, I'd put on weight. I'm not ashamed to say that this made me feel pretty shit. I know I'm worth more than the number on the scales, but I'd been hitting the gym, I'd bought some protein shakes, and still nothing. When Exante got in touch about their meal replacement range, I was about ready to try anything. 

Selection of Exante Diet Deliciously Different goodies
A pretty good selection, if you ask me!
A package arrived a few days later and had a decent range of items in there. Some shakes, some exotic looking main meals and some desserts - which were definitely the most appealing to me. I know for a lot of people replacement meals aren't ideal, but they're all pretty straight forward to 'cook'  and I think most products would be fine for those on the go. 

I first tried the chocolate shake. As I mentioned before, I had previously bought my own protein shake, so I was interested to see how they compared. I used my blender bottle to shake them up, as I find that makes them really thick and more like a milky milkshake, rather than made with water. Both shakes have a sort of textured feeling to them, but I'm guessing that's the protein in them, so I wasn't too fussed about that. It might be weird to discover than I'm not actually a huge fan of chocolate milkshake or ice-cream, but I did enjoy the chocolate shake. I know a lot of 'diet' chocolate things use super dark, super bitter chocolate, but this tasted pretty normal to me. Overall, a good start. 

Blender Bottle with Exante Deliciously Different Shake

For lunch on a gym day, I decided to have the Deliciously Different Beef and Black Bean Pot meal - which is as simple to make as pot noodle. You just add 180ml of boiling water, stir and let it cool down a little. Again, this is super easy to make, and I'm sure would be fine to pop into your bag and have whenever you get close enough to a working kettle. I found the texture to be a little strange to begin with, but after a few spoonfuls I was happily munching away. The flavour was nice so I would definitely have it again. The best thing about this meal though, is that even after a hardcore cardio and spinning session, I still felt quite alright, and like my muscles weren't going to drop off. The added protein and nutrients seemed to working really quickly, and I almost didn't want to get off my bike!

The Exante website is really simple to use, and they've even got a voucher page, which is pretty nifty. I'll definitely be checking it out once my little stash of goodies runs out!

Chelsea xo
*I was offered the chance to try some Exante products for free, but all thoughts are my own.*

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