Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Week That Was #12

I'm pretty glad to report that this week hasn't been as hectic as the last. I tried my hardest to just sleep throughout Friday and catch up with all those hours I'd missed out on. Instead, I managed to finish Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I'm reeeeeally hoping it comes back for a second series. On Saturday, I managed to secure a babysitter and actually went to a birthday party for Joe's aunty. Sadly, Joe had to work, but he popped in after work which was nice. 

Since Monday, I've had a bit of a weird week though. I've been a bit out of sorts, but hosting my first ever twitter chat for #lbloggers on Wednesday really put a smile back on my face. I had a good ol' think for some interesting questions, and I think they went down pretty well! I'm still going through all the links I was sent, so that seems like a good sign. 

Other cool stuff I've been up to - 
- I started reading Station Eleven, after hearing so many good things about it
- got back into the gym habit, although I'm still pretty sure I have no idea how to squat
- I out-chavved Becky in a whatsapp chat, proof that my northernness knows no bounds!
- attempted to create a study schedule for the easter break. How does it start tomorrow?!
- I reminisced about having fun hair, which you can see here and here

What have you been up to this week?

Chelsea xo

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