Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Week That Was #10

I almost forgot to type out today's TWTW post, would you believe? I'd had one of those 'what day of the week is this?' kind of weeks, so it completely passed me by that today is Thursday. Despite, y'know, having a driving lesson like I always do on Thursday, and going to an opticians appointment like I had booked for a Thursday... I've had quite a mixed week, really. I've spend the majority of it being ill, with a nasty cold/flu taking a firm hold on me last Friday, and it's still in the system. I hate being ill as much as the next person, but it really annoyed me that I got a cold when I've recently started upping my vitamin intake! Maybe my fragile immune system just wasn't ready for all that vit C yet. 

Yesterday was probably my most exciting day. I'm working on a live project for a big publisher for uni and ended up meeting and interviewing a fantasy writer. I messed up a little bit - by saying Tom Jones instead of Tom Cruise, weirdly enough - but I don't think anyone really noticed. Then, we went to Toppings bookstore and I was filmed buying some books for the project. Guys, I'm basically famous now. You're probably wondering what else I could have possibly done this week, so let's have a gander.

When filming in a bookstore, you gotta buy some books! Can't wait to start this one :)
- picked out two new pairs of glasses, I can't wait to show you when they arrive!
- took a trip to Bristol with the girls and bought my first ever pair of Topshop jeans. They've got ripped knees and everyone has already took the piss out of me! 
- I also went to Wagamama for the first time this week, I got the katsu chicken curry as that's basically the law for first timers
- I gave myself a beautiful half-manicure, but it made me realise I need a better top coat #chipoff
- I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I'm a little bit unsure of it, has anyone started watching yet? 

That's pretty much my week, what have you been up to? 

Chelsea xo

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