Saturday, 21 March 2015


You may remember that I recently told y'all about my happiness jar. To cut a long story short, I filled a jar with happy moments in my little woeful life. Now, as much as I wanted to continue with the happiness, I am a Morrissey fan, and this means I've learnt to accept a life of misery. I jest, of course, but I felt the jar needed a new purpose. 

I'd seen the TBR Jar (or To Be Read Jar, if you didn't know) on plenty of blogs before, so I basically stole that idea. I'm absolutely terrible at wandering into a bookshop and buying new books when we literally have no more room for them. Our only bookcase is filled to the brim with books, and I'm sorry to say I've only read a small amount of them. 

I'm hoping that the Jar will help me pick a new read more easily, and the element of surprise might stop me from buying new books. Ideally, I'd like to include my latest picks in a blog post, but we'll see how quickly I get through the books first. Watch, my first book will be The Luminaries and it'll take me the rest of the year to finish it! 

How do you pick your next read? Have you heard of the TBR Jar before? 

Chelsea xo

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