Monday, 16 March 2015

Book Club #12 - Wonder by R.J. Palacio

You might have heard about Wonder. Simply put, it's a book about a young boy entering mainstream school for the first time, after years of being homeschooled. Of course, this isn't a simple kind of story. Unlike most homeschooled kids, August - or Auggie - was born with a facial deformity. Now, I don't know what you think, but kids can be horribly mean. I guess it's because a lot of them haven't developed a filter mode, but some kids are just plain nasty. Being homeschooled would be cause enough to call Auggie as an outcast, never mind bringing a deformity into the equation. 

Wonder is a book aimed at young adults, so I guess a lot of the story is naturally aimed at the problems you might associate with school or with school friends. This didn't stop me thinking that Wonder will hopefully change the insight to hundreds of people out there - that you shouldn't judge on appearance alone. Sure, at times I thought "wow, all these 10 year olds are crazy articulate" but it was nothing that hinders the story. I really liked that the book split off into different view points from the characters, as I find that to be a really effective way to give out new information without having all the characters constantly talking about their feelings to each other.  

If you're looking to find your faith in humanity, Wonder is the book for you. Charming, funny and somewhat inspiring, August is a character you can really root for. 

Have you read Wonder? Would you enjoy reading this? 

Chelsea xo

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