Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Day In Februrary

Hello everyone! I've been wanting to join in with Jane and Louisa's monthly #photoanhour for months. When I remember, I usually get to about lunch time and then remember that I should be taking photographs every hour. You'd think it relatively easy to take a photo every hour, but nope not for me! I decided that this time I would set myself some hourly alarms so I couldn't possibly forget. Anyhoo, I ended up waking up before my first photo prompt, so had a relaxing brew and painted my nails. Now, tell me you aren't intrigued to read more about this amazing day...

9am - catching up with Gogglebox | 10am - freshly showered and ready to go!
11am - listening to the greatest Backstreet Boys song & writing blog posts | 12pm - colour coding all the things
1pm - trying to read with this weirdo staring at me | 2pm - forgot to post my lunch, so let's look at how fluffy Monty is!
3pm - this is my "watching The Office" face | 4pm - made the bed, with added lens flare
5pm - watching Aladdin with Spider-Man | 6pm - best friends!
7pm - God helps us all if this actually happened | 8pm - looking for a new phone case
9pm - doing a spot of blog reading! | 10pm - playing with Emile! 
The beady-eyed out of you may notice the change in natural daylight with the last picture, but I'd completely forgot to take a photo as I had a hamster to watch out for - we'd recently bought him a ball and he just looooves crashing into various walls. Bit weird. But yeah, that was my Saturday! I had hoped to venture out and do something more exciting than take the dog for a walk, but Dylan and Monty blimmin' loved it, so can't complain too much! 

Did you take part in the #photoanhour challenge? I really enjoyed it! 

Chelsea xo

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