Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Week That Was #8

Well, well, well. This week has been a funny one. On Monday, we had to do group presentations at uni for a little competition thing. It was pretty awkward, as one member couldn't be there so we needed to use a video and had some sound issues, and then two members of the team were SO nervous about speaking in front of everyone. I always think I'll be okay when I speak in front of people, but I did get a bit weirded out this time. So yeah, if you haven't guessed yet - we didn't win. I guess this means I pretty much hate everyone at uni now, as the winning team brought in brownie and usually I bring in the brownie. Rookie error, which cost me the title as best person ever. Luckily, this meant that my week could only get better. Right? Right?

Here's a cute picture of Dylan for no reason whatsoever.
To answer the question, on Tuesday, I went to work. Fun times. The wind was absolutely diabolical and of course, Joe was working the breakfast shift and I needed to drop Dylan off at childcare. You can probably all picture me right now, pushing a pushchair up a hill, with the wind blowing in the opposite direction to me. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a weird mood, if I'm completely honest. I managed to get to lunchtime without having any breakfast and so ended up pretty hangry later on in the day. I had to send myself to bed at 5pm to calm my wee self down. Moral of the story - eat all the time, yo! Anyhoo, despite being a bit mean to Joe, he had prepared beef wellington for tea which was SO YUM. I really love that guy.

So yeah, pretty wild week for Chelsea. Today I'll be mostly getting on with some uni work, and reading a set text. Nay, I shall be finishing reading the set text! That's literally my only goal for today. Then, on Friday I'm going on a uni field trip to Salisbury to climb the spire which inspired William Golding's The Spire. Pretty cool, ey?

What have you guys been up to this week so far?    

Chelsea xo

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