Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Week That Was #7

It's finally reading week! Yay! The week all students can rejoice over, and relax a little before the realisation that you need to get a job in a few months, not fail your exams and shit gets real. Wait, what!? 

As it's third year, I've had no such thing as a relaxing reading week. In fact, I've actually gone to university (and suffered the 'packed with kids enjoying half-term' trains) twice. TWICE. Dedicated, or crazy, I shall let you be my judge. I feel like this week hasn't been as noteworthy as the one before - no rushing to meet deadlines, and no results back yet. But it's hasn't been too shabby either! I've been spending more time with Dylan this week (as his childcare place is term time!) and hitting the gym slightly less than usual. But it's okay. What else have I been up to?

- I bought myself Dylan some Tsum Tsums! It was really sweet actually, I let him pick one so he grabbed Eeyore and said "this one is for Dylan, and this one is for mammy!" grabbing the neighbouring Winnie The Pooh. Love that kid!
- Watching more of The Office instead of reading a set text for my module - whoops.
- Trying to decide what to do with my hair. Everyone said that I really suit it at this shorter length, but my true hair love is flowing and long - like Leona's amazing hair - so I've been umming and arring about that.
- I feel like you should know that autocorrect changed umming to bumming. Thank me later.

That's about it, I think? Woo! Crazy week! Next week, I'm going to an open event at a publishers, so I'm quite excited about that. What have you been up to? Looking forward to something?   

Chelsea xo


  1. I always always wished for a reading week, never got one, boo hiss! I'm looking forward to getting around to trying a Cajun place that's new (to us) hopefully the snow doesn't put us off venturing out tomorrow!

  2. That sounds pretty cool, how was the Cajun place?

  3. We never ended up going cuz the OH had man flu and it was far too cold out! Saving it for the weekend after next, hopefully!

  4. Oh no! Hope he's feeling better now!


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