Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Week That Was #5

Another rather dull week for me, as it suddenly dawned on me that one of my deadlines is a week closer than I had thought. Cue blind panic, absolute procrastination and the desire to do ALL THE OTHER THINGS but I am slowly getting my work done. Very slowly. 

Happier times up north when my deadline seemed miles away!
As I've been a complete bore, I thought I would list a bunch of things I hope to achieve in February. I think I've probably missed some things off here, as you know, my brain should be writing an essay, but nevertheless - here's my hopes for the month ahead! 

- hand in my assignment, and be proud of it's quality
- visit the library
- read three books
- go for afternoon tea
- go to the gym at least twice a week
- do something nice for Joe on Not Valentine's Day (as he's working on the day)
- blog at least twice a week, even draft up some posts if I'm feeling cocky

What do you have planned for February?

Chelsea xo


  1. When do you even sleep?! A child, uni and 3 books a month?!!! Madness :P
    haha Hope the essay writing goes well, better you than me ;) ...sorry.


  2. Woop woop Chelsea up north!
    I don't have much planned for February except a girlie weekend in Manchestaaaaa, and that's at the END of Feb! I should probably try to read some books too now that I think about it...

    Dannie x

  3. Good luck with your assignment! My Feb plans are pretty much doing some work in the basement and ordering some veg/flower seeds for the year ahead!

  4. Thank you, I handed it in yesterday and what a relief that was! :) That reminds me, we have some seeds that need planting!

  5. Haha, I know, poor me! I need to get my bum into gear if I'm going to read any books, let alone 3! xx


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