Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Secrets of Life an Death - Book Review*

A girl is found dead in a train station, with strange symbols drawn all over her body. Professor Felix Guichard is called in by the police to help them identify the symbols. The story switches between the modern day investigation and 1585, where Elizabeth Bathory is dying and it is up to Dr John Dee and his assistant Edward Kelley to save her or die. Pretty gripping stuff, ey?

The links between the stories are revealed slowly, but at a pace that keeps you interested. I really enjoyed learning about the magic in this world. There were a number of twists that kept my attention and I really did enjoy the ride. The characters were interesting, although it was hard to connect with them as there is a lot of jumping around between time periods, but I felt that for the most part they were nicely played out.

Unfortunately the romance was a tad bit wooden, and there wasn't a lot of spark going on. It seemed almost thrown in just because why not? I think it could have been improved, or left out entirely and the book would not have been affected.

It is a short read, but if you love a good paranormal mystery with a whole lot of magic, you may enjoy this book. I was lucky enough to read an ebook of this via blogging for books, but all thoughts are my own!

Chelsea xo

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