Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Week That Was #4

I can't believe we're already four weeks into January. This year is going to fly past, I can feel it already. In less than five months I'll have a degree and fending for myself in the big bad world! How scary is that?! Anyhoo, less of that. This week has been quite mellow, to be honest, compared to the woeful one I had before anyway!

I also took this sunrise pic, which proved popular on instagram!
This week I have, in no particular order: 
- only attended the gym once, for an exercise class but I didn't really enjoy it
- got a new coat from ASOS, it's so comfy and I definitely needed it for our trip! 
- been caught in a tiny flurry of snow in Middlesbrough town centre, which was mildly exciting
- tried to finish my current read, but I've still got about a third left! It's so good, as well.
- created a newsletter for a feminist group, as you do
- deafened Joe with my singing on the drive up north

What have you been up to?

Chelsea xo


  1. January has gone so fast! I find the beginning of the year always speeds by so quickly. I have yet to see snow at all this year, hopefully a tiny bit comes to London! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Fingers crossed you get to see some! We only had a little frosting in the end, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! xx


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