Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I would drive 350 miles, and I would drive 350 more...

Which is technically a huge lie as I didn't drive at all. Just a quick post today to let you all know that I'm back in the glorious north! Hurrah, home at last! We didn't end up getting to my dad's house until 9:45 last night, as we made a little detour in Stoke to visit Joe's nana. As nana's do, she kidnapped us for a few hours, fed us plenty of grub (I'm talking a whole third of cheesecake each!) and then sent us on our merry way. 

Dylan doing his best Mugatu impression, me looking grumpier than usual!
It's also Joe's birthday today - so I should probably get off the laptop and show him some attention! Whoops! I did spoil him with presents before we left, so he can't hold it against me for too long! We also had a quick shop in Boro as Joe fancied some new clothes and H&M had 20% student discount, so we'd be mad to ignore that. We're hopefully going out tonight if my dad will agree to have Dylan for a few hours, keep your fingers crossed for us! 

What are you guys up to this week?

Chelsea xo


  1. Welcome back to the best place in the UK! (Unless you're going to Sunderland at all, blurgh haha!)
    Happy Birthday to Joe too! Hope you guys have a fab time up here.

  2. Happy birthday to Joe, hope you have a brilliant time up North!
    And even with his bent head and majestic head fluff Dylan looks SO much like you! It's glorious.
    M x

  3. Dylan is rocking those ear muffs! Happy birthday to my male twin too. X

  4. How cute is Dylan man! So pleased you're back up here, cannot wait to see you tomorrow!
    Kloe xx

  5. you two are so photogenic, hope you have a lush time! X

  6. we flawless! hahaha ;) we had a lovely time! xxx

  7. Apologies for not bringing him with me haha, just wanted to swear for a few hours haha xx

  8. I got really confused and thought you meant birthday twin and was SO upset that I'd missed your birthday! He enjoyed himself though x

  9. Hahaha noooo, no Sunderland for us thanks! ;) We had a great time, sad to have left my papa again for so many months xxx

  10. We had a blast! My dad was revelling in his grandparent duties and kept feeding Dylan biscuits whenever I left the room, cheeky cheeky! x


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