Thursday, 1 January 2015

101 in 1001 Days #7

Well hello, friend! Hope you brought in the new year in a way that suits you perfectly. I drank gin, had some cake and saw the New Year in with Joe and his older sister. I thought I had better start 2015 off with an update on my 101 in 1001 Days list. I've been a bit slack with crossing things off, but wanted to make sure I head into the new year with plenty of fun things to achieve and hopefully cross off for the next update! 

003. Do something special for my 23rd birthday
23 just so happens to be my favourite number, so I really wanted to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Since moving to Somerset I've had a few dud birthdays as I haven't been able to see my parents or anything, but this year was super fun. I went out with Joe (which is a rarity in itself!) and we have the most delicious meal, then a few days later I went out for cocktails with the uni girls! It was super fun, and I even bought myself an extravagant outfit from Topshop to celebrate in. 

Oh, Bath, you lovely thing.
047. Do touristy things in Bath
In November I went on a guided walk around Austen's Bath. It wasn't the official one - it was based on the places mentioned in Persuasion and given by a tutor from uni - but it was really nice to see some different places in Bath. Most importantly, it started and ended in a pub, so that kept me pretty happy. Then, in December, Joe had a surprise Friday off work so we looked around the Christmas markets, had some mulled cider, and just walked around. Simple, but lovely.

Flowers to my top bird.
082. Sent flowers to someone 
I sent my northern bestie some flowers for Christmas. I didn't specify in my list whether this had to be spontaneous or whatever, so I'm totally including it here. She was surprised anyways, and if her excited instagram pic (above!) means anything, I think she loved them! 

093. Buy a sewing machine
I actually got this for Christmas, and I'm so excited to set it up and use it! Just need to find a suitable place for it in the house... 

Yay! I've got a few more things in progress as well, so I'd say that's quite the successful update. Hopefully I won't leave three months until the next update, ey? Have you been up to anything exciting recently? 

Chelsea xo


  1. oh your birthday plan sounded lovely! hope you have a great year

    from helen at

  2. Thanks Helen, hope 2015 is great for you too :) x

  3. Ahhh, I've always wanted to learn to sew but despite having a machine for years, I haven't actually accomplished anything yet. Whoops! Happy new year lovely, hope you manage to tick of some items on your list! xx

  4. You should give it a go now that you're on your spending ban ;) Thank you, I hope I do as well :) xx


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