Sunday, 4 January 2015

10 Things to Do in 2015

I'm hoping that 2015 will be a really great year for me. 2014 was mostly enjoyable, but it could have definitely been better in some places. I thought I'd have a glance over my 101 in 1001 Days list and see the top ten things I'd like to achieve this year. Of course, it goes without saying that I'm hoping to do more than ten things, as I've barely made a dent in the list! 

- Pass my driving test
I've already passed my theory test, and taken a fair few lessons, but I sort of just stopped doing them. I'd really like to pass this year, even if it just means I don't have to pay for my theory again! Plus, I'm sure Joe would appreciate the help when we drive up north... 

- Renew my passport
I was sure I would do this in 2014, but somehow other things seem more important. I guess it's silly to renew it without any sort of holiday in mind, so that's why we never got around to it. This year I'd love for us to go somewhere after I finish uni, as a very belated honeymoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me on this one!

Completely unrelated, but hiya Dylan!
- Finish my degree with a 2:1 or higher
I think to have any sort of chance in getting a job, I'll need a 2:1 or higher. I won't be as flexible as over graduates, and won't be able to move to London for a job in a big publishing house, but if I could work in Bristol or Bath, that would be amazing. If you hear of any jobs going, let me know ;)

- Have afternoon tea
I actually received a voucher for afternoon tea on Mother's Day, but haven't had time to use it! I'm hoping that I can book myself in before Mother's Day 2015 rolls over... 

- See some Red Pandas
My absolute favourite animal in the whole entire world, I would lose my shit to see some Red Pandas up close. 

- Take Dylan to Cbeebiesland
Joe's nana lives near Alton Towers, and last year they opened up Cbeebiesland. As much as I would love to take Dylan to Disneyland, I really think a lot of it would be lost on him, so Cbeebiesland might be a bit better for him (as he'll definitely be able to go on all the attractions!) I also thought it would be lovely to take Joe's nana with us as well (hence mentioning her earlier) as she doesn't get to see Dylan much. It also means she could watch him while we go on some rides. Always thinking, me.

- Make a patchwork blanket
Okay, so I've only just got my sewing machine so maybe I should amend this goal to 'start a patchwork blanket' as I know it can take some people months/years to complete one. Anyhoo, I'd love  to make a start. 

- See a Smiths tribute band
I'm well aware that I will never see the real thing live, and the Smyths are playing Bath in May (I think) so I'd really like to go see them. It's often mentioned that they're the best tribute band, so it's gotta be them. 

- Do a 'Photo An Hour' post, properly
I always, always want to do the PAH posts but I can never seem to get a whole day's worth of photos. I'm hoping to get one of these done when I have a nice action packed weekend, so we shall see. 

- Reach 250 followers on my blog
It isn't all about the numbers, and I know a lot of people wouldn't think 250 is a big deal, but I'm so close to this now. I'd love to keep growing this little space and 250 certainly felt like a breathtaking amount of readers when I started blogging, so it still does now! 

So that's my top ten things to do in 2015. Some are easier than others, and some will need some serious planning to ensure they happen, but I'm feeling hopeful!

What do you have planned for 2015? Any goals you'd like to achieve?

Chelsea xo


  1. I need to get a new passport too, mine expires in April. Not going anywhere but its my only form of valid id to buy alcohol with ;)

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Urgh I need to renew my passport this year which is going to be a pain through because I have to do it through the British embassy and struggle to find somewhere that does the British passport size photographs. Not that I intend to the leave the US but I probably should have my UK one updated. I hope you do a photo an hour post - they are very fun to do!

  3. Arrghh I need to update my passport too :( also they have red pandas at Bristol Zoo! They are pretty shy but if you go on a sunny day they are usually lounging around in the trees! x

  4. I'm sure you'll manage to achieve all of these! I have distant thoughts of making a patchwork blanket too, but the truth is I haven't ever taken my sewing machine out of its box and I should probably do that and have a practice before jumping into a big project hehe xo

  5. Good luck with your list! I am sure you will do great. The afternoon tea resolution sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing a blog post on that in the future.

  6. Hello Dylan! {waves} and Happy New Year to both of you!
    Afternoon tea does sound rather lovely and I'm sure you'll pass your degree with flying colours - you'll ace it! Plus I'll keep my ears to the ground about any publishing/book-related jobs in the local area, if I hear of any, I'll wing them your way :-) xx

  7. Happy New Year, m'love! :) Thanks for being true to your work with the jobs hehe xx

  8. I definitely need to have it soon! I'm hoping to go maybe next month :) xx

  9. I've been asked to make some bunting, so I'll probably do that first - hopefully it's as simple as I'm imagining it to be! xx

  10. I got the forms for it today, I'm so good at this! Oh, I knowwww, I can't believe I haven't been to Bristol Zoo yet! xx

  11. I love seeing everyone's posts on them, so I must get down to it soon. Oh, that sounds awkward! I didn't realise American ones were different sizes, but then again I've never seen an American passport so... Hope you manage to sort it xx

  12. Thank you sweetness! I was tempted to put on "meet Lara and her bundle of joy" ;) xx

  13. Eeek, can't be without that! ;) I always found it annoying that they don't accept an out of date one as ID. It still has your age and face on it :/ xx

  14. You're so cute <3 with your little afternoon tea and patchwork quilt <3

    You will pass your driving test! If I can be let loose on the roads anyone can!

    Dannie x

  15. I had my first lesson back today and my instructor was well impressed! I'm just a granny stuck in a 23 year old's body! xx


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