Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Week That Was #4

I can't believe we're already four weeks into January. This year is going to fly past, I can feel it already. In less than five months I'll have a degree and fending for myself in the big bad world! How scary is that?! Anyhoo, less of that. This week has been quite mellow, to be honest, compared to the woeful one I had before anyway!

I also took this sunrise pic, which proved popular on instagram!
This week I have, in no particular order: 
- only attended the gym once, for an exercise class but I didn't really enjoy it
- got a new coat from ASOS, it's so comfy and I definitely needed it for our trip! 
- been caught in a tiny flurry of snow in Middlesbrough town centre, which was mildly exciting
- tried to finish my current read, but I've still got about a third left! It's so good, as well.
- created a newsletter for a feminist group, as you do
- deafened Joe with my singing on the drive up north

What have you been up to?

Chelsea xo

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I would drive 350 miles, and I would drive 350 more...

Which is technically a huge lie as I didn't drive at all. Just a quick post today to let you all know that I'm back in the glorious north! Hurrah, home at last! We didn't end up getting to my dad's house until 9:45 last night, as we made a little detour in Stoke to visit Joe's nana. As nana's do, she kidnapped us for a few hours, fed us plenty of grub (I'm talking a whole third of cheesecake each!) and then sent us on our merry way. 

Dylan doing his best Mugatu impression, me looking grumpier than usual!
It's also Joe's birthday today - so I should probably get off the laptop and show him some attention! Whoops! I did spoil him with presents before we left, so he can't hold it against me for too long! We also had a quick shop in Boro as Joe fancied some new clothes and H&M had 20% student discount, so we'd be mad to ignore that. We're hopefully going out tonight if my dad will agree to have Dylan for a few hours, keep your fingers crossed for us! 

What are you guys up to this week?

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Week That Was #3

I won't lie, this week has been tough. 

Like an idiot, I signed myself up to an exercise class at the gym on Tuesday, thinking I'd be able to manage it. Of course, like the horribly predictable woe of life, I suffered. BIGTIME. I mean seriously. I went to work on Wednesday and couldn't even get up the stairs without wincing in pain. To make matters worse, I decided that walking home - a good 50 minutes or so - would probably do me the world of good, only to find out that I'd been locked out the house. With seven hours before Joe was due to finish work, I walked to his parents in the pissing rain, and ended up hobbling and drenched to the bone. 

Finally using some Lush goodies! Definitely needed a relaxing bath to help the aches and pains!
I then had to cancel my driving lesson on Thursday due to the pain in my knees. Things did get better when Joe decided to take a trip to Ikea, and we bought some new bits for the house. We've lived here for over 6 months now, and it's still a bit of plain so it was nice to buy some new stuff! However, I stupidly agreed to go to the gym again on the evening and we tried a different exercise class, but I wasn't really keen on it. You had to imagine using weights, which was just really odd. Has anyone else ever had a class like that? It was so weird. Maybe I'm just crap with my imagination, but yeah, it's not the class for me. 

I can't complain though, as Joe made toad in the hole for tea, and we all know that I'm a sucker for that! 

So yeah, what a week. How has yours been?

Chelsea xo

Monday, 19 January 2015

Lush Boxing Day Haul

Okay, so I know it's the middle of January, but I had deadlines! Like roughly 85% of the internet, I decided to chance my luck at the Lush Boxing Day sale. I've never managed to grab anything in the sale before, as stock tends to shift too quickly for me. Now, I'd stupidly decided to go to work on Boxing Day, so when I had my lunch break at around 1, I tried getting onto the Lush website through my phone. Oh, silly me. That didn't work, obviously, and it seems like the Lush website was having a struggle with the amount of traffic it was getting. Unluckily for some, I did manage to get onto the website later on in the evening and this is what I bought! 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Lush Gift Set
Santa Claus is Coming to Town gift set
I'd bookmarked this gift set in my Greedy Book, so I was thrilled to see it was still available. The Santa Claus is Coming to Town gift set was ridiculously good value for money, coming in at £16 instead of the usual price of £32. It contains eight products, all of which I think I will use.

The set has Holly Golightly - a christmas-scented bubble bar, the crisp apple scented So White shower gel, Dashing Santa - a satsuma-scented bath bomb (which I'll probably donate to Dylan as the smell of satsumas/oranges makes me gag), Reindeer Rock soap which smells marvellous, the refreshing Golden Wonder bath bomb which has lime oil, a Snow Angel bath melt, Snowman shower jelly - which Dylan thinks is hilarious and finally, the cocoa butter Butterbear bath bomb. All in all a good bundle, I'd say. 

Star of Wonder Lush gift set
Star of Wonder gift set 
Okay, so I might have panic bought this box as the website started acting funny on me. I saw that it had the awesome Sparkler bath bomb in the box, and when I had previously visited an actual Lush store they were out of stuck, so that's pretty much why I wanted that. That, and the fact that the box is freakin' awesome!

Other goodies it included is the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Snow Fairy Sparkle softening bar (which I think is like a body lotion bar thing), a bottle of everyone's favourite Snow Fairy shower gel, Star Light Star Bright Melt which was luckily bagged up, as it's completely covered in glitter! Gotta pick a special occasion for that one. Lastly, it's the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, which smells really sweet.

So that's my Lush haul! I've already spotted some Valentine's Day treats that I'd like to buy so I had better get through this huge stack before Joe questions my spending habits. Not that I'd let him stop me from buying a freakin' unicorn horn. Did you get any Lush Christmas goodies? Any favourite Christmas items? 

Chelsea xo

Friday, 16 January 2015

Bad Customer Service - it's not OK.

Honestly, I didn't think I would be writing a negative post on my blog. In general, I'm quite miserable so I like to keep my blog as happy place. Sadly, due to some extremely awful customer service, I have felt the need to write about what happened. 

As influenced by other bloggers, I had signed myself up to a few Beauty Boxes. First, I tried GlossyBox and usually I would have my initial three months, get bored, but then come back for another three months. I ended up receiving a lot of samples I had no interest in, so decided to end my GB relationship for good. Around this time, I heard about Love Me Beauty. Instead of offering one secret box, they offered three menus, and you could pick your favourite. This really appealed to me, as even if everything in the box wasn't to my liking, at least I would always get something I really wanted.

Another good thing about Love Me Beauty was that I could have a rolling contract with them. This meant that I'd received four boxes before things went sour... I had chosen my menu for the July 2014, and after the recommend 3-7 day postal window, nothing had arrived. I received an email the same say from Sam, who checked my account and saw that my box had indeed been dispatched, and passed a message on to Royal Mail to see if there had been anything missing on their end. I didn't hear anything back, so I emailed Sam again on 31st August. Sam asked me if I would like a replacement box sending - pointing out that some items were out of stock, but an alternative was available - I accepted this offer. I was told to wait 5-7 working days for the box to arrive, so I did. Nothing arrived. 

I emailed again in September, reporting that the box hadn't arrived again. I never received a reply. Now, by this time, I was in the middle of organising Dylan's birthday, my own birthday celebrations and even preparing for Christmas. For one reason or another, I didn't think to email again. I knew Love Me Beauty had just overhauled their system, and expected that my email was just waiting in their inbox. Life took over, and it took until the start of this month for me to email them asking for a refund. 

Honestly, this seems pretty understandable. After six months, I still haven't received a box of goodies. I had paid £13 of my own money to subscribe, and received nothing from it. Can you believe my utter shock and dismay to receive an email today from another member of the team saying that "unfortunately, we cannot investigate claims made after 14 days of the box being dispatched". That, despite the fact I had been sending emails back and forth with Sam for months, it was now too late to do anything. It had been fine for them to send me another box, but now I want my money back, nothing. Is this fair? Am I being unreasonable? 

£13 might not mean a lot to Love Me Beauty, but it certainly means a lot to me. £13 is my train fare to get to university. £13 is a jumper or trousers for Dylan. £13 would go nicely towards my heating bill, as the month grows colder. I really didn't want to write this review, but I feel like Love Me Beauty have left me no choice. Some people might see this as abusing my 'power' as a blogger, but if I can stop one reader from being fobbed off, then I've done my job. As someone who works part-time in retail, I cannot stress enough how angry this makes me. If someone returned something to me, asking for a refund, I would give it to them. If they wanted an exchange, sure. If their order didn't arrive, we would most definitely order a replacement. I feel as if I have been lead up the garden path by Love Me Beauty, and it is just not ok for them to treat a customer who has already paid up front. 

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Week That Was #2

Tell you what, the best way for me to fail at doing something is to set it as a weekly blog post. I was just happily tapping along on the keyboard when I thought, oh hang on, shouldn't I have posted my weekly series yesterday? Yes, past Chelsea, yes you should have. But let's not worry about that. Maybe it'll be easier to post these things a day late, or heck, even a day early if I'm that way inclined. All that matters is that I type, right? 

Sure it is! So what have I been up to the past week then? In all honesty, I have been going a bit mad with uni deadlines. I had a deadline on Monday, so naturally Sunday was spent realising that I'd referenced everything incorrectly (damn you, numerical!) and sourcing images that kind of related to what I was blarbing on about. To make myself feel better, I ordered myself some dresses from ASOS and I only have to return one item, score! 

Sadly, despite the relief that came from Monday evening, I still have another deadline due on Friday, and this meant that I spent Tuesday morning crying on the train. YEP. That's my life now. I've no idea what came over me, if I'm honest. I was listening to The Muppets OST and was happily nodding along to Me Party, when suddenly, Man Or Muppet came on and I started to cry. Realising that it wouldn't get any better from there, I put some Morrissey on and just silently sobbed for an hour. That sentence pretty much sums me up, actually. 

It hasn't all been doom and gloom though, as on Tuesday evening we had the most excellent tapas, that Joe had been making whilst I was at uni. He's a good egg. Since then I've just been solidly working on my book proposal. It looks like this so far. 

Good ol' screen caption. It looks better in real life.
So yeah, I'm pretty happy about this hand in. I still need a front cover design, but I've got until 5pm Friday to worry about that. 

So what have you all been up to this week? 

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Week That Was #1

Wowee, first week of 2015 done and dusted! I hope the year has started well for you, I can't say I've done too badly. I managed to hand in an assignment early, but I'm yet to find out if that was wise or stupid! I used to have a few different weekly posts, but somewhere along the line they've dropped off my blogging radar, and I miss it! So, if you don't mind, I'm going to bring it back in the form of this here post! 
edit, please imagine this post went live on 7th! I was extremely busy and forgot to upload! Good start to a new weekly feature if I can't even upload it on time...

So, let's have a rundown of the week, shall we? This week...

- Joe's youngest sister turned 14! We went out for a ridiculous three course lunch together and then had pie for tea! I was so happy about having pie, but also sad that I had to share it with seven other people. Anyone would think it was my birthday.

- I found out we're finally hiring someone extra on a Sunday at work. We aren't exactly busy, but it means with an extra person on the shop floor we can venture to the stock room or help out in the photo lab if needs be. We've already joined the gym today (yep, one of those people) and I'm sure we'll be best buds.

- Dylan found my box of Lush goodies! The little guy enjoyed a purple bath of Northern Lights and whatever else he managed to get his hands on... You can see it on instagram here, the cheeky swine!

- I went back to uni. I really can't believe how quickly my break has ended. I've got two assignments due next week, so I've got to get cracking! I did manage to pull 900 words out of the bag, but gotta keep going. Speaking of which...

- I made a chocolate fudge cake, scones and rose tea for my "book proposal" which is one of the assignments due next week. It's on food taken from children's literature, and I still need to make ginger beer and some Turkish delight!

- I also got one of my assignment marks back, and I managed to get a solid 2:1! Yay me! My book proposal is the second assignment for the module, so I need to push myself if I want to get it up to a 1st! 

So that was my week, how have you spent the first seven days of 2015? 

Chelsea xo

Sunday, 4 January 2015

10 Things to Do in 2015

I'm hoping that 2015 will be a really great year for me. 2014 was mostly enjoyable, but it could have definitely been better in some places. I thought I'd have a glance over my 101 in 1001 Days list and see the top ten things I'd like to achieve this year. Of course, it goes without saying that I'm hoping to do more than ten things, as I've barely made a dent in the list! 

- Pass my driving test
I've already passed my theory test, and taken a fair few lessons, but I sort of just stopped doing them. I'd really like to pass this year, even if it just means I don't have to pay for my theory again! Plus, I'm sure Joe would appreciate the help when we drive up north... 

- Renew my passport
I was sure I would do this in 2014, but somehow other things seem more important. I guess it's silly to renew it without any sort of holiday in mind, so that's why we never got around to it. This year I'd love for us to go somewhere after I finish uni, as a very belated honeymoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me on this one!

Completely unrelated, but hiya Dylan!
- Finish my degree with a 2:1 or higher
I think to have any sort of chance in getting a job, I'll need a 2:1 or higher. I won't be as flexible as over graduates, and won't be able to move to London for a job in a big publishing house, but if I could work in Bristol or Bath, that would be amazing. If you hear of any jobs going, let me know ;)

- Have afternoon tea
I actually received a voucher for afternoon tea on Mother's Day, but haven't had time to use it! I'm hoping that I can book myself in before Mother's Day 2015 rolls over... 

- See some Red Pandas
My absolute favourite animal in the whole entire world, I would lose my shit to see some Red Pandas up close. 

- Take Dylan to Cbeebiesland
Joe's nana lives near Alton Towers, and last year they opened up Cbeebiesland. As much as I would love to take Dylan to Disneyland, I really think a lot of it would be lost on him, so Cbeebiesland might be a bit better for him (as he'll definitely be able to go on all the attractions!) I also thought it would be lovely to take Joe's nana with us as well (hence mentioning her earlier) as she doesn't get to see Dylan much. It also means she could watch him while we go on some rides. Always thinking, me.

- Make a patchwork blanket
Okay, so I've only just got my sewing machine so maybe I should amend this goal to 'start a patchwork blanket' as I know it can take some people months/years to complete one. Anyhoo, I'd love  to make a start. 

- See a Smiths tribute band
I'm well aware that I will never see the real thing live, and the Smyths are playing Bath in May (I think) so I'd really like to go see them. It's often mentioned that they're the best tribute band, so it's gotta be them. 

- Do a 'Photo An Hour' post, properly
I always, always want to do the PAH posts but I can never seem to get a whole day's worth of photos. I'm hoping to get one of these done when I have a nice action packed weekend, so we shall see. 

- Reach 250 followers on my blog
It isn't all about the numbers, and I know a lot of people wouldn't think 250 is a big deal, but I'm so close to this now. I'd love to keep growing this little space and 250 certainly felt like a breathtaking amount of readers when I started blogging, so it still does now! 

So that's my top ten things to do in 2015. Some are easier than others, and some will need some serious planning to ensure they happen, but I'm feeling hopeful!

What do you have planned for 2015? Any goals you'd like to achieve?

Chelsea xo

Thursday, 1 January 2015

101 in 1001 Days #7

Well hello, friend! Hope you brought in the new year in a way that suits you perfectly. I drank gin, had some cake and saw the New Year in with Joe and his older sister. I thought I had better start 2015 off with an update on my 101 in 1001 Days list. I've been a bit slack with crossing things off, but wanted to make sure I head into the new year with plenty of fun things to achieve and hopefully cross off for the next update! 

003. Do something special for my 23rd birthday
23 just so happens to be my favourite number, so I really wanted to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Since moving to Somerset I've had a few dud birthdays as I haven't been able to see my parents or anything, but this year was super fun. I went out with Joe (which is a rarity in itself!) and we have the most delicious meal, then a few days later I went out for cocktails with the uni girls! It was super fun, and I even bought myself an extravagant outfit from Topshop to celebrate in. 

Oh, Bath, you lovely thing.
047. Do touristy things in Bath
In November I went on a guided walk around Austen's Bath. It wasn't the official one - it was based on the places mentioned in Persuasion and given by a tutor from uni - but it was really nice to see some different places in Bath. Most importantly, it started and ended in a pub, so that kept me pretty happy. Then, in December, Joe had a surprise Friday off work so we looked around the Christmas markets, had some mulled cider, and just walked around. Simple, but lovely.

Flowers to my top bird.
082. Sent flowers to someone 
I sent my northern bestie some flowers for Christmas. I didn't specify in my list whether this had to be spontaneous or whatever, so I'm totally including it here. She was surprised anyways, and if her excited instagram pic (above!) means anything, I think she loved them! 

093. Buy a sewing machine
I actually got this for Christmas, and I'm so excited to set it up and use it! Just need to find a suitable place for it in the house... 

Yay! I've got a few more things in progress as well, so I'd say that's quite the successful update. Hopefully I won't leave three months until the next update, ey? Have you been up to anything exciting recently? 

Chelsea xo

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