Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Welcome to the family!

Yeah, so today we bought a hamster. Despite growing up with pets for my whole entire life, I've never actually owned a hamster before. We went to the pet store to book Monty in for a Senior dog check up and I usually try to drag Joe around the fluffy small pets when we visit, much to his dismay. For some reason, Joe fell in love with the hamsters and declared that we should adopt one. And so we have. He's named Émile, like Remy's fat rat brother in Ratatouille, because Ratatouille is great and stuff. 

We've had to leave him to settle in, as moving can be quite stressful for hamsters, but it's so funny to hear Joe cooing him from across the kitchen. Joe didn't grow up with pets, and considers Émile to be his first - as I got Monty before we moved in together. I can sense a growing friendship blossoming between them and now I'm definitely outnumbered by males in this house! 

In other news:
- I handed in one assignment on Monday, one more to go for this term! 
- Dylan has been given the role of Angel 6 in the nativity. It's better than first lobster, I guess... 
- I made an excellent treacle tart using this recipe. You've probably seen it on instagram
- I finished reading The Rosie Effect - hopefully I can get a review up after my deadline! 

What's new with you guys? Any fun hamster stories? 

Chelsea xo


  1. what a little beauty! welcome to the family! lol :) X

  2. Yey! He looks just like one of my old hamsters, Bear. LOVE the name too! :) xo


    Hamsters are so great! I had two when I was younger, one named Emma (after Baby Spice, obviously!) but she only lasted a few months as she escaped one day and then my cat bit her in half. Yeah, seriously. Not only did Tabby bite her in half but she also left half of Emma just outside my bedroom door for me to find, so that was nice. Ziggy was my second hamster and he was so great! Ziggy Sawdust ;) I come up with the greatest pet names.

    It's a good idea to put your hands in for the first few days, keep your hands clenched so that your fingers aren't around for him to chew. He'll need to get used to the smell of you before he's totally comfortable. It's a good idea to hold Dyllydogs hand in too because the more Emile gets used to his scent the less likely he is to bite him. I imagine Dylan will probably hold a bit of a grudge against Emile if he took a chunk out of his hand. No sudden movements either or Emile will never want to be your friend! Not being a twat, I just know so many people who never play with their hamsters because they try playing with them once or twice, find that the poor thing is too nervous and nippy and so they give up! Nasty people!

    This is another excuse for me to come and see you though ;)

    Love you!! xx

  4. Definitely better than first lobster - I do love that film!

    I have a hamster called Milo, they are such great pets and just so fun to watch. Ours climbs on the top of his cage upside down (you can watch him here: and is generally very entertaining. He won't ever sit still when we play but ours loves to climb and explore. Hope you enjoy getting to know your little hammy xx

    Ioanna |

  5. I WANT A HAMSTER :( I saw an article where a guy in Japan dressed them up as mini bartenders and gave them little bars for them to pose in :( you have to do this now :( ok?

    Dannie x

  6. Once he stops biting me, I am so on that x

  7. Milo is such a cute name! We're still a long way to go before he wants to play with us, but it's so fun watching him rearrange his cage around! My other half is like a new mum haha xx

  8. Ziggy Sawdust might be the best name for anything ever. I totally get what you mean, we had a lovely lady explain all the things to us, so we're just being patient. I have to tell Joe off a lot as he really wants to get him out the cage and hold but I'm like "chill dude, he needs to accept us as his own" but yeah. Boys.

    Yes! Teach me your hamsterly ways! Hopefully Monty won't turn out to be a psycho hamster killer or anything...

    Love you too!! xx

  9. Bear is a great name, hamsters are so good. :) xx

  10. hehe *squeak!* he says thanks ;) xx


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